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Cosy-up with technology to keep your guests coming back for more

Hotels are under even more pressure as competition from unlikely sources such as Airbnb enjoy their continuing growth in popularity. Most hotels are seeing a rise in the number of people that book through OTAs (online travel agents) encouraged by easy access and alleged discounts. But as all hoteliers know, the OTAs take substantial commissions which eat into profit margins.

It’s time for hotels to fight back… but how?

By using technology to drive more profit – by understanding what people want and personalising each individual guest experience.

For example, if your guests decide to book again, they are more likely to contact you directly and cut-out the OTA. So how can you reward them for doing so? What is most valuable to them? Are you able to provide everything in their room in the way it was during their previous stay? Do you know the things they liked so much they now want to come back?


Capture the data you need and use it

A recent Ericsson Mobility Report revealed that by 2021, the number of smartphones worldwide will have increased by 3 billion. Mobile interactions are becoming more commonplace, increasing the amount and types of data you can collect.

But a huge number of hotels still aren’t collecting any data – mobile or otherwise – that they can use to keep guests coming back. Or if they are, the data is kept in different siloed systems that can’t be integrated. Acquiring, analysing and actioning this data is a time-consuming manual task that therefore doesn’t get done.


Are you lagging behind?

The world is now tech-driven, and those hotels deploying technology to help them overcome these problems and offer an upgraded customer experience, are already seeing the success they need. Investing in the right technology helps drive profit and access new revenue streams more easily.


Introducing the Horizon Loyalty Hub

The objective of any hotel in the pursuit of guest service excellence is: “to learn more about our guests by gathering and mining data”.

Using the Horizon Loyalty Hub enables you to breakdown silos and bring your data from different systems into one place to achieve the ultimate single guest view. Letting you act on those insights in real-time while the guest is still with you and when they leave.

If your hotel is feeling the pressure of competition from the Airbnb’s or losing more and more margin to OTAs, you should be encouraged to know that we are here to help – and because we understand that not everyone wants to have to learn a new piece of tech and do their day job, we’ve introduced it as a managed service, it really couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more? Click here for more information on how Horizon can help you deliver the definitive one-to-one experience that every guest dreams of.

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