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ELVIS Insights - Relationship Scoring

Balanced customer relationship scoring across a range of rational and emotional metrics, to identity, influence and tailor customer engagement, helping to make your loyalty marketing efforts more relevant, timely and effective

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Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence and Sentiment – or as we like to call them, ELVIS.

Five carefully selected scoring metrics to give businesses a clear, well-rounded picture of their customer relationships, in near real-time. ELVIS: Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence and Sentiment metrics are dynamically updated for every individual customer and normalised across the entire base into a simple 5-star rating system,  putting actionable data at your fingertips.

Improved customer segmentation

Identify your most engaged, loyal, valuable, influential and happy (or not) customers, to target relevant campaigns and offers.

Increased customer retention

Where engagement is falling or sentiment is low, target win-back activity to restore the health of those customer relationships.

Improved customer lifetime value

Highlight  customer segments where engagement is on the rise and value is lower than average, to enhance your sales campaigns.

A barometer for your business

With Horizons ELVIS relationship scoring, everyone in your database receives dynamically updated ratings, providing an at-a-glance overview of the health of their relationship with your company. The scores update automatically as new data feeds into the system, giving you a single, up-to-date view of each customer.

  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Value
  • Influence
  • Sentiment
HTK Horizon Customer Relationship Scoring
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Measuring the metrics that matter

We realised that sifting through large amounts of data to glean key insight could be challenging and time consuming – yet it’s essential to effective, data-driven marketing. We wanted to give marketers a contextual picture of the health of their customer relationships, both on an individual level and across their base as a whole. 

ELVIS brings together the “rational” elements of your customer relationships – such as interaction with your marketing comms, loyalty program activity, and average spend – and combines them with “emotional” factors like sentiment and social influence. Bringing these metrics together provides real context, to help marketers take action on each factor that impacts the customer relationship.


Understand how well your communications are resonating with your audience by tracking open rates, click-through rates, social media shares and more.


Quantify share-of-wallet, churn rate, and customer satisfaction to identify your most loyal customers and nurture their advocacy.


Focus your marketing and sales efforts on the customers who are most likely to generate revenue by tracking purchase frequency, average order value, and propensity.


Identify advocates and brand ambassadors who share your content, refer friends, write reviews and influence others – and recognise them accordingly.


Spot areas where you can improve customer satisfaction and create a better overall experience by measuring reviews, social media mentions and customer support tickets.

Contextual insights

Together, these metrics give you deeper insight into your customer relationships, enabling you to optimise your marketing, increase engagement, grow loyalty and drive revenue.


Unleash the Power of Customer Relationship Scoring

Stop guessing and start knowing. Dive into the world of customer relationship scoring and transform your marketing communication strategy. Partnered with ITA Group our customer solutions can help you build a thriving community of delighted, engaged brand advocates.

Target with Precision

Identify your most valuable customers with accurate scoring based on purchase history, engagement, and key demographic insights. Craft personalised campaigns that resonate and drive deeper connections.

Nurture Like a Pro

Invest time and resources in your VIPs, while gently warming up those on the edge. Segment your audience based on their score, tailoring the right touchpoints (emails, offers, content) to nurture each segment effectively.

Maximize ROI

Optimise your marketing spend by focusing on high-potential customers. Watch your lead conversion rates and customer lifetime value soar as you leverage scoring for smarter communication.

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