Marketing automation

Exceed expectations across every channel

Unlock the benefits of seamlessly integrated marketing automation tools to deliver better customer experience across every touchpoint. Drive engagement, create consistency and increase engagement across web, email, social, SMS, in-app, push notifications and voice channels.

Example of an email marketing automation sequence being triggered by a new customer subscribing to a newsletter.
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Delivering personalisation that adds real value

Responding to customer behaviour in real-time takes a lot of coordination – Horizon’s marketing automation tool enables you to fully unify your customer insights and marketing communications delivery channels, seamlessly and in real-time.


Plan and create multi-channel campaigns with AI recommendations to predict the probability of purchase, propensity to churn, and more.


Use Horizon to deliver emails, SMS messages and push notifications, and seamlessly publish content to your websites and mobile apps.


Track every engagement in real-time with Horizon Smart Stream, and use control groups to measure the impact of your campaigns.

Personalised engagement at every touchpoint

With Horizon, integrated marketing automation is made simple. Rich personalisation capability is built-in, and all of your direct marketing channels are controlled in one easy to manage place. Horizon’s powerful and user-friendly campaign tools integrate directly with the Horizon Customer Data Platform — the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a truly united customer experience.

  • Powered by your customer data
  • Multi-channel content creation
  • Real-time reporting and analysis
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HTK Horizon Machine Learning & AI Insights

Deep customer insight

Horizon uses your customer data and behavioural insights to recommend personalised experiences that will resonate with your customers.

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Seamlessly integrated

Horizon is a single platform for customer data management, marketing automation and loyalty, meaning that speed and agility are accelerated.

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Simplified workflows

Intuitive tools to create and manage marketing campaigns, track performance, and analyse the results in real-time across every touchpoint.

HTK Horizon Marketing Automation

The next generation of engagement

Because every message and piece of content is powered from an integrated Customer Data Platform, consistency is assured across every touch point. Personalisation can be elevated to a new level, using triggers based on real-time changes in customer behaviour. Marketing segments can be defined using business rules and geospatial location data, enabling true micro-targeting for maximum impact.

Rich customer database

Delivery channels are seamlessly integrated with the customer data platform, meaning that insight flows – and can be acted upon – in real-time.

Multi channel content creation

Create content for all marketing channels in one place, using a simple drag-and-drop editor and extensive options for message personalization.

Multi-phase campaigns

Deliver sophisticated marketing campaigns with multiple steps to nurture behaviour, drive sales, and effectively promote your products or services.

Triggered messages

Send targeted messages based on a broad range of triggers, such as a change in persona or lifecycle stage, to engage customers in the moment.

Analytics & reporting

Gain valuable insight into the performance of your campaigns – holistically and independently across every channel – to continuously improve results.

Human and artificial intelligence

Use machine learning models to surface actionable insight – predicting the date of next purchase, propensity to churn, product recommendations and more.


Level up your Marketing Automation capabilities

Drowning in repetitive tasks and struggling to personalize every interaction? Break free from the marketing mayhem with automation, your ticket to streamlined efficiency and hyper-effective communication. Partnered with ITA Group our customer solutions can help you build a thriving community of delighted, engaged brand advocates.

Scale with Ease

No more manual scaling when your audience explodes. Automation adapts to growth, ensuring every customer receives a timely, personalized touchpoint.

Craft Enhanced Experiences

Automate personalised email sequences, reward offers, website recommendations, and product suggestions based on individual preferences and behavior.

Measure & Optimise

Track the performance of every campaign in real-time. Identify what works and what doesn’t, making data-backed decisions for continuous improvement.

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