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Everything you need to grow emotional loyalty

Horizon’s loyalty program management tools are designed to help you go beyond the point of purchase, to encourage and reward the customer behaviours that matter most – those that contribute to better experiences and lasting, emotional loyalty.

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Let every customer feel like a VIP

Modern loyalty programs don’t stop at identifying and rewarding your BEST customers – they provide a compelling engagement framework to understand ALL of your customers better, connect them more deeply with your brand and provide a balanced mix of incentives, rewards and experiences that will contribute towards increased lifetime value.

Connect & identify

Make it easy for customers to sign-up to your program, and even easier for them to identify at the point-of-sale through cards, NFC fobs, digital wallets and more.

Inspire & reward

Go beyond points, to offer personalised content and experiences that are tailored to each customer’s interests and behaviours, to deepen the brand relationship.

Know & retain

Build comprehensive customer profiles, and derive actionable insight across a range of rational and emotional metrics using the proprietary ELVIS Insight engine.

Rewarding customer loyalty beyond the point of transaction

With Horizon Custom Loyalty Behaviours, you can go beyond the purchase transaction to reward ALL of the ways your members show loyalty to your brand — engaging on social media, downloading your mobile app, consuming content or referring friends. Simple API-based integration means that ANY customer activity can be recognised and rewarded, to differentiate and enhance the program proposition. 

  • Recognise and reward ANY customer behaviour
  • Simple integration with your websites, apps and POS
  • Create a program that genuinely resonates your brand
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HTK Horizon Loyalty & Rewards

Highly flexible points management

Horizon supports earning in multiple currencies, a comprehensive ledger and handling of refunds, fraud protection and a highly sophisticated real-time promotions engine.

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Personalised offers and rewards

Use any data known about each customer plus context such as the touch-point, date and time, to present a curated list of micro-targeted offers and rewards – in real-time

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Built-in dashboards and analytics

Use powerful built-in dashboards with seamless drill-down data exploration, to uncover new segments, identify trends and act on opportunities to grow or retain loyalty.

HTK Horizon Customer Relationship Scoring

Measure the health of every customer relationship

The proprietary ELVIS Insight engine is a barometer for your business – measuring the health of every individual customer relationship across five key metrics of Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence and Sentiment, and presenting it through a simple 4-star rating system. ELVIS provides a holistic framework for spotting opportunities to drive advocacy and sales, and to mitigate threats that may lead to customer churn.

Custom loyalty behaviours

Go beyond the point of purchase to incentivise and reward customers for engaging in activities that deepen their unique relationship with your brand.

Custom loyalty portal

Take advantage of a configurable out-of-the-box portal, or use APIs to integrate a personalised loyalty experience into your own websites and apps.

Powerful points engine

Create points-based programs with flexible earning rules, real-time redemption, loyalty tiers and fraud protection, plus a sophisticated promotion builder.

Simple integration

 Integrate your ecommerce site, physical point of sale, mobile apps and other touch points, to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Personalised offers

Deliver real-time product recommendations, offers and point-of-sale promotions, individually tailored for each customer to drive incremental sales.


Put the fun back into loyalty campaigns and boost engagement with member tiers, badges, loyalty groups, and hundreds of pre-built game templates.


Ready to unleash the power of loyal customers?

Our team are experts in strategising, designing, building and running Loyalty programmes across a wide range of sectors. Partnered with ITA Group our customer solutions can help you build a thriving community of delighted, engaged brand advocates.

Turn Data into Diamonds

Mine customer behavior like a seasoned prospector. Uncover hidden preferences, predict future needs, and craft strategies that resonate with your audience.

Automate Like a Pro

Free yourself from repetitive tasks like tracking points and sending birthday greetings. Let Horizon handle the routine, and focus on cultivating meaningful connections.

Break the Churn Barrier

Identify potential wilting customers before they fall away. Offer timely interventions and personalised breakthrough touchpoints that keep them advocates of your brand.

Discover how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon technology to create better human experiences

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Krispy Kreme – Designing an integrated, multi-channel Loyalty program for leading UK retailer.

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Explore how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon to create better human experiences