Interactive voice response (IVR)

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Intuitive interactive voice response solutions for the creation of personalised, automated and interactive voice experiences that resolve customer queries, enhance accessibility, encourage self-service and delight your customers.

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Evolving self‑service into a valuable and empowering experience

Your customers are already using “voice” services to interact with your brand, through voice search and “virtual assistant” AI services like Amazon Alexa. You may also have a more traditional interactive voice response (IVR) system for managing contact centre demand, triaging calls to various teams and enabling customer self-service. The gulf in customer experience between these two types of service can be enormous, and increasingly brands’ “owned” voice services aren’t meeting customer expectations.

Advanced, high volume inbound IVR

Horizon has over 3,000 ports of speech-enabled “cloud” IVR capacity, fully data-driven and VoiceXML compliant. Calls can be extensively personalised (navigation flows and content) using data in Horizon and with API connectivity to your own systems.

Outbound alerts and service messages

Outbound IVR calls  can be triggered via an API or upon receipt of an inbound message (e.g. “email-to-voice” or “SMS-to-voice”). Messages can then leverage pre-recorded prompts or text-to-speech synthesis, with answerphone detection technology.

Smart speakers and voice chatbots

If you’re considering an “Voice Assistant” type service for your brand, Horizon and ITA Group can help you to explore potential use-cases within your customer experience, designing solutions and building services that work perfectly with your wider communications. 


Deliver better voice services to your customers

Horizon IVR can help you bridge the expectation gap. We’ve been delivering adaptive, data-driven interactive voice services for almost three decades, including personalised “marketing IVR” for one of the UK’s largest mobile network operators, mission-critical “warn and inform” IVR for flood warning, and the UK’s first telephone e-Voting solution.

Our team are experts in voice dialogue design and the best-practice application of text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR).

  • Personalised, relevant customer experiences
  • Shorter calls boost engagement and reduce costs 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and NPS scores
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Increase customer satisfaction

Provide simple, effective self-service solutions for your customers that maximise first-time issue resolution and promote brand loyalty.

Consistent brand identity

Horizon uses branded personalisation to create customised greetings and messaging that build trust with your customers.

Create seamless experiences

Ensure that your voice, email and digital services all use the same customer view, to provide real-time consistency of experience.

Lower operating costs

Improve key self-service metrics such as containment rate, and increase automation to reduce the need for live agent intervention.

Deliver voice innovation

Leverage the explosion in day-to-day use of smart home speakers and in-car automation, to engage customers on their terms.

Call reporting and insight

Analyse extensive call detail records to discover dialogue pinch-points, fine-tune prompts and maximise opportunities for engagement.

Explore how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon technology to create better human experiences

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Krispy Kreme – Designing an integrated, multi-channel Loyalty program for leading UK retailer.

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