Real-time customer insights

Enhancing experience with real-time data and customer insights

Transactional loyalty is one thing, but experiential loyalty elevates the customer experience and creates sustainable emotional connections between brands and consumers.

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How customer insights can drive more meaningful engagement

Building an emotional connection and authentic loyalty between your brand and customers is the height of marketing success — but achieving this has become increasingly more complex. Whilst brands recognise the power of the customer experience, providing a consistent and personalised experience across multiple channels can be challenging.

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The Challenge

Enterprises today can have dozens of technology platforms that interface with customers on a daily basis, across marketing, sales, fulfilment and service delivery. These systems are frequently siloed, meaning that when insights are drawn - and decisions are made - it can often be from an incomplete view of your available data. 

In order to effectively identify patterns and trends that can lead towards sales, advocacy and loyalty (or equally important - frustration, disengagement and churn) a more holistic approach to real-time communication and engagement is needed. 

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The Opportunity

Human needs and expectations are dynamic. If you really want to engage and motivate your customers, you need to unlock the untapped value of your data by applying insights in “real-time”, adapting to opportunities and threats at the point of need.

With the speed of change accelerating in both the technology space and with customer expectations, a balanced mix of rational and emotional metrics powering your marketing communications strategy is the key to success in today's demanding customer experience landscape.

Examples of how Horizon delivers customer insights via machine learning and AI.

The Solution

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are your essential (and future proof) tools to help create better customer experiences. With powerful real-time decisioning, problem-solving, and pattern identification, you can quickly take action to automate the right outcomes.

Let your customer data become more meaningful, actionable and measurable. By dynamically analysing previous and predicted behaviours, Horizon can help you to enhance your customer experiences and differentiate from your competitors, create deeper connections and generate higher ROI. 

Success is on your Horizon

Horizon gives you a complete real-time view of your customer experiences by consolidating engagement data across every channel from web, mobile app, email and more. Comprehensive customer profiles are enriched with every interaction in a live environment, whilst powerful decisioning and communication tools empower you to deliver better human experiences at the right time in the right place.

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Your complete solution for CX & Loyalty

Horizon empowers your business with a complete suite of powerful customer experience, loyalty management and digital marketing tools – designed to help you unlock the power of machine learning and real-time customer insights.

A true 360º view of your customer data.

Actionable insights at your fingertips.

Measure the engagement metrics that matter.

Deliver the right promotion at the right time.

Rewarding loyalty beyond the transaction.

Exceed expectations across every channel.


Close the Gap Between You and Your Customers

Gone are the days of flying blind in the marketing world. Embrace the era of real-time customer insights and watch your marketing communications strategy evolve from guesswork to gold. Partnered with ITA Group our customer solutions can help you unlock the value in your data like never before.

Make Every Touchpoint a Bullseye

Ditch the shotgun approach. Understand what your customers want, right now, and craft personalised messages that resonate deeply. Watch click-through and conversion rates soar

Nurture with Precision

Identify potential churners before they fade into the dark, and intervene with timely offers and personalized engagement. Invest in your loyal fans with exclusive content and VIP experiences, transforming them into brand champions.

Become A Data Alchemist

Track the impact of every campaign in real-time. Tweak, refine, and adapt based on immediate feedback, maximizing ROI and ensuring every dollar stretches further than ever before.

Discover how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon technology to create better human experiences

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Krispy Kreme – Designing an integrated, multi-channel Loyalty program for leading UK retailer.

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