True loyalty —
powered by experience.

Turn customers into repeat spenders and loyal advocates, with AI-powered insight and meaningful engagement.

True loyalty — powered by experience.

Turn customers into repeat spenders and loyal advocates, with AI-powered insight and meaningful engagement.

Software & services to help you win in the new era of customer loyalty.

Strategic Consultancy & Services

Expert guidance for all your CRM and loyalty projects, on an ongoing or one-off basis

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CRM & Customer Engagement Solutions

Insight-driven software and managed services to engage the customer of tomorrow

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Loyalty Software & Program Delivery

Flexible SaaS-based loyalty software, built for a new era of customer experiences

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Loyalty Program Replatforming

A smooth transition to a platform that’s built for the future of loyalty

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Find your path to profitable customer relationships

You’ve got customer data — mountains of it. But is it the right data? In other words, can you actually use it to deliver better customer experiences, fast? If the answer is no, you’re not alone.

You know there’s a smarter approach to engagement and loyalty, but you’re missing some of the tools you need to get there. Things like:


Extra support to take pressure off your busy team — while maintaining flexibility & control


Advanced personalization and recommendation tools, joined up & powered by real insight


The ability to innovate, without complex software integrations or a hefty price tag

If you’re feeling held back by low resources, legacy tools or lack of insight, we can help. With the expertise and advanced software you need, you can (finally) take your loyalty & CRM strategy to where you’ve always wanted it to be.

Software for the new era of customer experience

The Horizon Hub is software to power your loyalty strategy, now and in the future. It’s all the features you need in one comprehensive, easy-to-deploy platform.

  • Highly customizable database — a single source of truth for customer engagement
  • Unique insight tools and frameworks, for deep customer understanding
  • AI-powered personalization and recommendation tools
  • Multi-channel messaging — including mobile apps, location tech and voice
  • Access to the latest features, without complicated upgrades or extra fees

“B2C marketers should evaluate its proprietary ELVIS insight framework…”

Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management,
Forrester Research, Inc., March 27, 2017.

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