Complimentary Report:
Customer Experience & Loyalty

This special report from The Times and Raconteur examines the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty.


Packed with data and case studies, the report looks at how technology is affecting the customer experience, trends in personalization and generational challenges.

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What we do

Horizon is a new breed of loyalty solution, designed to help you create exceptional customer experiences
that increase retention, grow revenue and boost profit.
Combining big-data management with marketing automation and a powerful loyalty engine, Horizon is feature-rich
but amazingly simple to use.
Horizon provides the deep customer insight you need, plus the right tools to action that insight
‘in the moment’ across all channels, to engage customers like never before.

Advanced customer insight at your fingertips

Creating engaging experiences is easier when you have a deep understanding of your customers. Horizon’s unique ELVIS framework pulls actionable customer insight to the surface, and scores each customer’s engagement, loyalty, value, influence and sentiment in real-time.

With ELVIS, you can personalise interactions, monitor the health of your customer relationships and deliver experiences that drive lasting loyalty.


“B2C marketers should evaluate its proprietary ELVIS insight framework…”

Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Forrester Research,
Inc., March 27, 2017.

Solutions for every stage of your loyalty journey

Promotional Campaigns

Data-rich and quick to deploy, Horizon elevates tactical campaigns into stepping-stones toward loyalty.

Loyalty for Brands

Discover who your customers are, reward advocacy and increase lifetime value — all without the need for EPOS integration.

Loyalty for Enterprise

Cut through the complexity of data, content and strategy management — Horizon puts loyalty at the heart of your enterprise.

Fast to implement, easy to use

Strategic Consulting

Whether you’re creating a new loyalty strategy or refreshing an existing program, we can take you from concept to results in record time.

Cloud Software

Our unique ELVIS insight framework powers compelling ‘in the moment’ experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

Managed Service

Horizon is engineered to be easy to use — but we’re still happy to help. Services range from ad-hoc support through to full program delivery.

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