HTK Horizon

Creating better human experiences through data and technology

Horizon leverages the latest Machine Learning, AI, data and mobile engagement technologies packaged into simple-to-use component based products – making data-driven customer experience and loyalty management accessible to every business.

htk horizon

Broaden your Horizon

Horizon empowers your business with a complete suite of powerful customer experience, loyalty management and digital marketing tools – designed to help you unlock the power of machine learning and real-time customer insights.

A true 360º view of your customer data.

Actionable insights at your fingertips.

Measure the engagement metrics that matter.

Deliver the right promotion at the right time.

Rewarding loyalty beyond the transaction.

Exceed expectations across every channel.

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Customer data management

The brain behind all other Horizon components – a powerful customer data platform designed to unify your data across multiple touch points whilst providing you with valuable customer data and actionable insights in real-time.

Single customer view

Holistic customer profiles enriched with real-time insight from multiple sources.

Behavioural analytics

Persona models, life cycle stages and our unique ELVIS Insight framework.

Dynamic segmentation

Create hyper-targeted audiences, powered by AI-driven insights.

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Machine learning & AI driven data insights

Horizon’s flexible Lakehouse architecture is seamlessly integrated with Google Looker BI tools, so you can effortlessly create dashboards and visualisations. Designed to help you dig deeper into your data to discover valuable insights to boost customer engagement and spend.

Your own data LakeHouse

Store, process and fully analyse your customer data like never before.

Rich analytics & reporting

Powerful built-in tools for reporting, dashboards and data exploration.

Machine learning models

Predict churn, next purchase date, and make product recommendations

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Customer relationship scoring

Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence and Sentiment – or as we like to call them, ELVIS. Everyone in your database receives a star-rating for each of these valuable metrics, which update automatically as new data feeds into the system, giving you a single, up-to-date view of each customer.

Improved customer segmentation

Identify your most engaged, loyal, valuable, influential customers.

Increased customer retention

Win back activity to restore the health of your customer relationships.

Improved customer lifetime value

Highlight  customer segments to enhance your sales campaigns.

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Promotions management

Horizon’s powerful tools for offers and promotion management. Drawing on rich data sources and with AI-powered decision making, Horizon analyses a customer’s purchase behaviour, discount sensitivity and preferences to better personalise offers — and protect profit margins.

Issuance and redemption

Easily set-up and manage the distribution of all your sales promotions.

Real-time decisioning

Dynamically select the right offers and promotions for every customer.

Financial optimisation

Use controls and split-testing to measure and maximise financial impact.

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Customer loyalty & retention

Horizon’s loyalty program management tools. Designed to help businesses go beyond the point of purchase to reward and encourage the customer behaviours that matter most – those that contribute to better experiences and lasting, emotional loyalty.

Real-time points engine

Seamless POS and ecommerce integration for real-time earn and burn.

Loyalty behaviours

Recognise and reward any customer behaviour across any channel.

Gamification & games

Boost engagement with loyalty tiers, badges and interactive games.

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Marketing automation

Responding to customer behaviour in real-time takes a lot of coordination – Horizon enables you to fully unify your data sources & touchpoints, as well as your customer analytics software and marketing communications delivery channels seamlessly and in real-time.

Multi-channel content creation

Design emails and clickable SMS or push messages, all within the same platform.

Campaigns & triggers

Schedule multiphase campaigns and send personalised, event-triggered messages.

Analytics & reporting

Analyse the impact and commercial success of each campaign, in near real-time.

Put customer data at the heart of every interaction

Whether you are seeking to draw more value from your customer data or are looking to enhance your loyalty programs, HTK Horizon can help you unlock the value of your data to better understand, reward and engage with your customers like never before.

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