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Reducing costs and delivering smarter citizen engagement

The world is changing at an increasing pace. As public sector budgets shrink and demands rise, organisations face new pressures to deliver citizen-facing services with growing operational and financial efficiency. It’s more important than ever for these essential public sector services to provide a seamless experience for both employees and citizens.

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Green HTK Outline

Enhancing Public Sector data collection, analysis and communication

Implementation Consultancy

Digital transformation

Horizon’s digital tools make public-sector services smarter and more efficient, delivering data-driven citizen engagement that makes personalised interactions more intelligent and cost-effective — whether you’re responding to a query, booking appointments or broadcasting an alert.

Horizon’s unified citizen profiles and real-time, AI-powered data analysis provide deep insight into your customer base. And with multichannel marketing tools built in, you can act on that insight automatically — to get each citizen to the right outcome, faster.

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Data gathering and surveys

Improve survey effectiveness and response rates through personalised invitations, reminders and on-page survey experiences. Horizon manages everything end-to-end, from simple polls to major census data collecting projects. 

Leverage fully branded and mobile responsive communications to increase engagement and survey response rates, whilst reducing your timescales and costs.

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Citizen data management

Gain new and valuable insights from powerful data analysis and machine learning. Through our combination of secure “cloud” tools, technical know-how and commercial experience, we can help you to refine and accelerate your strategy for unlocking the value in your customer data. 

Your data can seamlessly flow to and from the powerful Horizon customer data platform, where it can be analysed at scale using Machine Learning and other big-data tools. Use Google Looker for integrated business intelligence dashboards and drill-down analytics, or connect your preferred tools (such as Tableau or PowerBI) to the Horizon Data Lakehouse via Amazon Athena.

Delivering critical communications

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Warn and inform solutions

HTK has delivered warn-and-inform solutions at national, regional and local levels for over two decades, including services classified as critical national infrastructure. Our broad platform capabilities, operational experience and approach to information security can help you to keep individuals and groups informed before, during and after critical events.

HTK operates the Scottish National Flood Warning Dissemination service, under sub-contract to BT.

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Police messaging and Police-public interfaces

We’ve been a trusted partner to the UK Police Service since developing the very first National Police Portal over 20 years ago. From internal communications to targeted public messaging by email, SMS, mobile app or smart speakers, Horizon is used today by around half of all UK police forces. 

Whether you need to target your firearms officers, send a briefing to community beat officers, or share information with partners, Horizon can sync staff details from your HR and other systems, and let you create target groups and mobile-friendly messages in advance or on-the-fly.



Horizon enables SMS messages to be sent in response to an email, where the email address identifies the mobile number of the recipient and the email subject line or body contains the message to be sent. This can be very useful to enable messaging from back-end systems that don’t support API-based data exchange, or for ad-hoc customer service.

Create personalised emails, SMS and mobile ‘push’ notifications using the Horizon message editor. Trigger these messages through the Horizon API or set up rule-based triggers in response to specific events such as a new sign-up, an upcoming appointment, a purchase or any other customer action.

Success is on your Horizon

Personalised citizen engagement leads to faster resolutions, greater satisfaction and ultimately, reduced costs. 

HTK Horizon citizen engagement makes personalised interactions simple and cost-effective — whether you’re co-ordinating response teams, booking appointments or broadcasting critical alerts.

To find out how Horizon can help you reduce costs and engage with citizens more effectively, speak to our sales team or visit us on G-Cloud.

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Horizon helps you centralise your data and use real-time customer insights to inform your engagement strategy.


Make your customer data work harder and enhance decision-making with integrated Machine Learning and dashboards.


Effortlessly launch multi-channel campaigns, and respond to customer behaviour in real-time through data-driven messaging.

Explore how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon technology to create better human experiences

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SEPA – Providing critical flood warning alerts to communities across Scotland

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