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Identify opportunities & risks before it’s too late

Horizon’s data storage, analytics and Business Intelligence module is your personal data scientist. Designed to  help you uncover the insights you need to boost customer engagement and spend.

Examples of how Horizon delivers customer insights via machine learning and AI.
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Next generation data storage and analytics

Built on a modern Data Lakehouse architecture, Horizon offers the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a data lake with the contextual and high-speed querying capabilities of a data warehouse, so you can store, process and analyse your customer data like never before. 

Simplified data schema

Data lakehouses enable structure and schema like those used in a data warehouse to be applied to unstructured data of the type that would typically be stored in a data lake. This means that you can access information more quickly and start putting it to work.

Open data architecture

Horizon comes out-of-the-box with Google Looker for business intelligence, but – through the Amazon Athena serverless query engine – your Horizon lakehouse can equally be accessed using your preferred BI tools (such as Tableau or PowerBI).

Optimised for ML

Data is stored in compressed Parquet files, in columnar format, meaning that it’s fast to query and well suited to Machine Learning and other analytical tasks. Horizon includes a number of ML models, and custom models can be developed to suit your particular needs.

Machine Learning

Horizon can help you uncover emerging patterns and trends, create intelligent segments, and assess the health of individual customer relationships — so you know who to target and what actions to take. A growing range of Machine Learning algorithms can be deployed rapidly, without IT headaches.

  • Tenure model including propensity to churn
  • Predictive model of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Next-best offer and product recommendations
HTK Horizon Machine Learning & AI Insights
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Understand your customers

Leverage Machine learning models to help you understand what your customers want and need, helping you to deliver a more personalised experience.

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Spot patterns and take action

Improve customer experience by reducing the time it takes to identify patterns in behaviour, and use that insight to make informed decisions.

HTK Horizon Customer Relationship Scoring

Predict and pre-empt behaviour

Predict customer behaviour to identify potential opportunities to engage, reward, upsell, cross-sell, or avoid customers churn before it’s too late.

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Integrated business intelligence

Horizon’s cloud-based tools help marketers find relevant insight in their data, and then act on that insight to boost customer engagement and spend. From compelling data visualisations to deep-dive exploration, Horizon provides the insight you need — without needing to write a line of code.

Your own Data Lakehouse

Store and process your data with a next generation data architecture, optimised for Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tasks.

Code-free data exploration

Identify trends, create segments, and assess the health of  your customer relationships — so you know who to target and what actions to take.

Intelligent predictions

Use proprietary models to identify patterns and trends that lead towards sales, advocacy and loyalty (or frustration, disengagement and churn).

Custom ML models

Uncover deep insight with custom-built models trained on your own data, so that predictions are uniquely tailored to your business and customers.

Rapid time-to-insight

Because Horizon is a fully integrated platform with strong data foundations, integration is minimised and results can be realised more quickly.

Rich analytics & reporting

Use powerful built-in tools for reporting, with a comprehensive library of dashboards that make complex data science accessible to all.

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