Customer data management platform

A complete 360º view of your customer data

Horizon is your robust customer data management platform that unifies your data across multiple touch points whilst providing you with valuable customer data and actionable insights in real-time.

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Putting data at the heart of your business to enhance experiences

Great customer experiences require relevancy, value and personalisation. Communications should capture attention, advertising should be relevant, offers should be tailored, and reward experiences should feel specially crafted to their needs.

Unleash the hidden power of your customer data with HTK Horizon, the all-in-one platform that transforms insights into loyalty magic. We go beyond simple points tracking, delving deep into purchase behaviour, preferences, and emotions to paint a rich portrait of each individual customer.




Horizon helps you centralise your data and use real-time customer insights to inform your engagement strategy.


Making your customer data work harder and enhancing decision making with AI and Machine Learning driven insight tools.


Effortlessly launch marketing campaigns, deliver personalised rewards, promote special offers or bring products to market.

Customer Data Management

Horizon gives you a complete overview of your customer activity by consolidating your data across every channel from web, mobile app, email and more. Comprehensive customer data management profiles are enriched with every interaction in real-time, whilst powerful segmentation tools allow you to drill-down to uncover micro-targeted audiences and engagement opportunities.

  • Enhance data-driven decisioning
  • Personalise customer experiences
  • Drive valuable customer engagement
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HTK Horizon Machine Learning & AI Insights

Customer profiling

Instantly see the health of your customer relationships on an individual basis and across custom segments of your entire audience.

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Unique ELVIS Insight

Rank customers on their Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence and Sentiment, so you can determine which customers to engage with next.

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Communications delivery

Create better human experiences with personalised brand touch points that generate authentic loyalty and engagement.

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Valuable and actionable customer insights at your fingertips

The Horizon Customer Data Platform helps you understand your customers like never before. Need to create a tailored communications segment? Check an individual customer’s activity history? Or update their loyalty account details? No problem – everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

Single customer view

Comprehensive customer profiles, fully enriched with real-time insight drawn from your most valuable data sources into a single view.

Dynamic segmentation

Create hyper-targeted audiences and communications groups that are always up-to-date and powered by AI-driven insights.

APIs & packaged integrations

Flexible and extensible options to help you get your data in and out, faster, more efficiently and without the need for developer assistance.

Behavioural analytics

Collect behavioural analytics to update your persona models and life cycle stages in real-time, so you can proactively drive engagement.

Horizon Smart Stream

A real-time feed of customer engagement activity across all touch points, showing the volume and velocity of interaction types.

ELVIS scoring

Dynamically updated – Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence & Sentiment metrics show trends in the health of your customer relationships.


Unleash the Power of Customer Data: Take Control Today

Ready to transform your customer relationships and ignite your business growth? Our Customer Data Management Platform (CDMP) isn’t just about data – it’s about actionable insights that fuel smarter decisions and deliver hyper-personalised experiences.

In a nutshell, here’s how Horizon empowers you, your business and your customers:

Unify & Centralise

Break down data silos and bring it all together under one roof. Finally say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and fragmented insights.

Cleanse & Enrich

Eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies to ensure you have a clear, accurate picture of every customer in your ecosystem.

Segment & Analyse

Discover hidden patterns and uncover deeper customer understanding through powerful segmentation and advanced analytics.

Discover how businesses across the globe are leveraging Horizon technology to create better human experiences

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Krispy Kreme – Designing an integrated, multi-channel Loyalty program for leading UK retailer.

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