Grey HTK Outline
Grey HTK Outline

ITA Group Acquires HTK Limited

ITA Group Acquires HTK Limited to Enhance Customer Loyalty & Engagement Technology Capabilities

West Des Moines, Iowa/Ipswich, England, January 23, 2023 ITA Group, a global leader in corporate engagement solutions, has announced its acquisition of HTK Limited, a leading cloud-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) provider. Together, the companies can offer a custom-crafted customer loyalty and engagement solution for every client.

With offices in Ipswich, England, HTK empowers brands with innovative data insights, machine learning and the agility needed to meet today’s changing customer demands and evolving loyalty landscape. The HTK Horizon cloud technology is a highly configurable multi-tenant SaaS platform with numerous capabilities that enable businesses to increase customer value through two-way engagement, insight-driven promotions and personalized loyalty. The platform gives you the tools to:

  • Nurture lasting customer loyalty: Manage and retain satisfied customers, fostering brand champions.
  • Drive dynamic promotions: Execute real-time promotions and empower self-service segmentation for targeted campaigns.
  • Orchestrate multi-channel engagement: Automate and personalize customer communication across various channels directly within the platform.
  • Unleash data-driven insights: Leverage machine learning and AI to personalize loyalty programs and deliver impactful experiences.

The HTK Horizon platform was recently recognized for its customer loyalty and engagement technology as part of Forrester’s – The Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022. The technology is now embedded in ITA Group’s customer solutions, empowering brands with innovative data insights, machine learning and loyalty marketing solutions.

The HTK acquisition represents an important step forward in enhancing our capability to create unique, data-driven loyalty and engagement solutions, said ‘Chris Jones, Senior Vice President’ Customer Solutions, at ITA Group. Our customer solutions forge a strong emotional connection between brands and their customers through data and technology, strengthening our ability to deliver even more synergy between strategy and execution.

ITA Group (along with subsidiaries Hartmann Studios, CMB, NKD and now HTK) partners with global brands to craft unique business strategies and experiences that create connections, motivate audiences and drive purposeful change. With the addition of HTK to the ITA Group family of companies, brands with audiences anywhere in the world can use this technology within weeks to start creating deeper customer relationships, resulting in increased customer lifetime value.

According to HTK CEO and Founder Marlon Bowser, The agility that a cloud platform like Horizon brings in terms of speed to market, ability to innovate and value for money is compelling.

With this strategic alliance, ITA Group and HTK paint a vivid picture of a future where customer loyalty thrives on deep personalization, agility, and a commitment to forging meaningful connections. Together, ITA Group and HTK pave the way for a future where customer loyalty transcends mere transactions. It becomes a journey of mutual understanding, driven by data-powered insights and personalized experiences. We invite brands to join us in building this future, one meaningful connection at a time.

Hear more from ITA Group and HTK on how the partnership will provide greater benefit to clients:


About HTK

HTK has been helping businesses connect with their customers in more meaningful ways for nearly 30 years. Using their proprietary feature-rich SaaS solution, Horizon, the award-winning team of innovators, data scientists and digital technologists have been on the forefront of shaping how data drives emotional loyalty. The most intuitive and extensible suite of cloud software provides clients with data-driven customer engagement and real-time data insights to create relevant, engaging and personalised customer experiences. For more information, visit

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