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Grow guest loyalty and drive repeat bookings

Feature-rich, easy to use loyalty software — optimized for hotels

In the hospitality industry, the smallest nuances of a guest’s experience can have a big impact on their overall satisfaction and, by extension, their loyalty. To beat the competition — and the OTAs — hotels must provide personalized, engaging interactions at every stage of the guest’s experience, from before they book to well after they check out.

Horizon makes this easier, even for time-strapped teams, with deep customer insight and tailored engagement across channels. 

Experiences that keep them coming back

It’s no secret that direct bookings are more profitable than those that come through OTAs. But where online booking sites excel at acquisition, hotels can win at retention — by providing guests with memorable experiences, and cost-effective incentives to book direct.

Horizon makes this easier to do at scale, even across multiple properties. Cross-sell relevant services, provide tailored offers and act on key insights in real-time — to create a personalized experience before, during and after their stay.

Aligning revenue management & marketing strategy [eBook]

For many hotels, the amount paid in commission to OTAs is growing faster than revenue. And the question everyone’s asking is: “Can hotels compete?”

Yes – but only if marketers and revenue managers start to work together.

Find out how your hotel can better align these essential business functions in our whitepaper, “Why hotel marketers and revenue managers have to stop sleeping in separate beds”.

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