The opportunity for real-time customer insight

Small changes can have a big impact on customer equity.

Ultimately, all value is derived from customers. They generate value through what they spend and indirectly through word of mouth or via the data they create. Costs are incurred based on what they purchase and through the way they interact.

Customers establish patterns of expenditure that satisfy their needs. However, needs are dynamic. Customers transition through different need states with associated profit.

By understanding a customer’s predicted journey through these states, we can personalize content and trigger actions. Existing patterns can be reinforced. New patterns can be encouraged. Over the collective lifetime of your customers, small changes can have a huge impact.

We believe the best way to unlock customer value is to apply insight in “real-time”, adapting to opportunities at the point of need.

We solve customer challenges by applying data in real-time.

Machines are much quicker decision-makers than humans. We believe they can also be smarter.

We use data science and engineering to automate customer experiences. The data scores opportunities for behaviour change amongst your customers and the systems act upon that insight. When a customer interacts (or is predicted to interact and does not) then boom — the scoring is updated, and the next best content is loaded and triggered.

In a second, the insight is delivered to web, mobile app, POS, ad platform — wherever it is required!

HTK helps you set up and automate CX journeys informed by ready to consume Machine Learning models.

How real-time insight is applied to the customer experience

Interested in exploring the opportunity for real-time data?

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