Data management

Are you getting as much value from your customer data as you think you could?

Accelerating your customer data strategy

Through our combination of secure “cloud” tools, technical know-how and commercial experience, we can help you to refine and accelerate your strategy for unlocking the value in your customer data.

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Building a single customer view (SCV)

From name and (geo)location to marketing preferences, behaviours, sales orders, loyalty earn-and-burn and key relationship metrics, all your customer data can be made available in one place, accessible through role-based user permissions and an industry-standard software API.

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Enabling real-time data analytics…

Everyone is talking about “real-time” data and machine learning… but it can be hard to know where to start. With Horizon AutoPilot, you’ll have your own “data lake” to store and analyse customer data at whatever scale you need, using Looker dashboards or your own analytics tools.

Data can be seamlessly shipped to and from the Horizon One360 customer data platform, and analysed at almost limitless scale using AWS Athena and other big-data tools.

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…and machine learning (ML)

Horizon AutoPilot has been designed to let you fully exploit the potential of machine learning, without the expense of building or managing your own ML environment from the ground up. 

Unlike other SaaS marketing platforms, we won’t limit you to a handful of out-of-the-box models for things like customer churn prediction and customer lifetime value (CLV). You can start with our standard models, but you have the flexibility to develop your own models as your needs evolve (or we can develop them for you).

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Horizon AutoPilot