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New in Horizon: Bringing social insight to the surface

The latest release of Horizon went live this week – and it’s packed full of useful updates, plus several brand new features. This month, we’ve focused on bringing greater customer insight to the forefront, to inform your loyalty strategy and help you engage customers more effectively. And leading the charge is our brand new Social Insight report…


Use social insight to create more relevant engagement

Linked in to Horizon’s Social Loyalty features, this report is all about helping you understand your customers’ interests and preferences, so you can deliver more relevant experiences.

Horizon Social Insight Report

The Social Insight report shows you a wealth of information about loyalty customers who’ve chosen to share their data by connecting one or more of their social accounts to your loyalty program. You’ll see key data such as the most popular interests across your base, the social networks your customers prefer, and your most active brand advocates.

You can use this insight to optimize your strategy in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few examples:

Offer more relevant rewards
Checking out your Social Insight report might reveal that the majority of your base has an interest in movies, but far fewer people are sports fans. As such, you might decide to include more movie-related offers (e.g. free cinema tickets, early-access viewings) in your rewards catalog.
Create marketing campaigns that resonate
Understanding your members’ interests – not just by category, but right down to the specific film, band, sports team, etc. that they like – can help you create more relevant content. For example, if a large proportion of your members are fans of a particular band or artist, you might partner up with them to do some joint promotion, such as running a competition to allow your customers to win VIP concert tickets.
Fine-tune your social strategy
You might find that most of your members have connected to your program with an Instagram account – while your marketing team’s focus has been on building your Facebook audience. Knowing which networks are most popular among your members can help you shift your social media efforts to the most relevant channels.


The best part is, all of this social data isn’t just there to inform your strategy. It also feeds into your Horizon database, so it’s available for use in segmentation – meaning you could easily build a group of film buffs to target with a cinema tickets reward, while promoting a 3-month streaming subscription to your music lovers. Or you might weight an offer for a romantic dinner towards members whose relationship status is “In a relationship” rather than “Single”.

As with any data in Horizon, social profile information can be used to tailor content and target rewards / offers across all marketing comms and within the loyalty portal. 


Keep your loyalty marketing efforts on track

We’ve also added a host of useful charts to the Horizon home screen, so you can check the status of your loyalty program every time you log in.

Horizon Loyalty Dashboard

Instantly see stats on member acquisition, revenue, program interaction and social activity, and view trends over time. The reports are updated every 30 minutes, giving you a clear snapshot of how your program is performing in near-real time.

With the latest updates, Horizon gives you easy access to key insight about both your loyalty members and your program, so you can create more engaging customer experiences and monitor success. Get in touch today to find out how Horizon can take loyalty to the next level. Or check out our new Product Tour for a quick overview of what Horizon can do.

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