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The Horizon Loyalty Hub is one of the most advanced loyalty solutions on the market.

Powerful, secure and easy to use, it’s the smart choice for creating exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty.

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Customise your database

Horizon’s flexible customer database eliminates data silos. Pull together information from every touchpoint in real-time to create exactly the customer profile you need.

  • CRM and eCommerce snapshots
  • Configurable customer profile
  • Behavioural activity history

Create insight-driven customer segments

  • Persona and lifecycle modeling
  • Location-based segmentation
  • Sophisticated group builder for easy micro-targeting

Design beautiful, omnichannel experiences

  • Mobile responsive message editor
  • Personalised online loyalty portal
  • Integrate across touchpoints — mobile app, website, in-store, etc.

Automate customer engagement across touchpoints

  • Multi-stage, omnichannel campaigns
  • Real-time, contextual messaging
  • Connect at every stage of the lifecycle — nurture, grow and win-back

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