HTK Horizon

The future of customer experience and loyalty

HTK Horizon offers a complete set of powerful customer data, loyalty management & marketing communication tools, designed to help you unlock the power of machine learning and data driven insights to deliver better human experiences.

Empowering enterprise brands worldwide
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Green HTK Outline

Get to know and understand your customers, better than ever before

Built with users in mind, Horizon is our award-winning, API empowered SaaS product –  designed to help marketing, loyalty and customer experience professionals grow customer value through the real-time application of data.

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Customer Data Management

The brain behind all other Horizon components - a robust customer data platform designed to unify your data across multiple touch points, whilst providing you with valuable customer data and actionable insights in real-time.

HTK Horizon Machine Learning & AI Insights

Machine Learning & AI Data Insights

Horizon’s flexible Lakehouse architecture is seamlessly integrated with Google Looker BI tools, so you can effortlessly create dashboards and visualisations. Designed to help you dig deeper into your data to discover valuable insights to boost customer engagement and spend.

HTK Horizon Customer Relationship Scoring

Customer Relationship Scoring

Balanced customer relationship scoring across a range of rational and emotional metrics, to identity, influence and tailor customer engagement, helping to make your loyalty marketing efforts more relevant, timely and effective

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Give your marketing the instinct it needs

Horizon gives you real-time data insights to create valued, engaging, personalised customer experiences.

HTK Horizon Texaco Rewards

Real-time Promotions Management

Horizon’s powerful tools for offers and promotion management. Drawing on rich data sources and with AI-powered decision making, Horizon analyses a customer’s purchase behaviour, discount sensitivity and preferences to better personalise offers — and protect profit margins.

HTK Horizon Loyalty & Rewards

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Horizon’s loyalty program management tools. Designed to help businesses go beyond the point of purchase to reward and encourage the customer behaviours that matter most – those that contribute to better experiences and lasting, emotional loyalty.

HTK Horizon Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Horizon makes it easy to send personalised marketing communications to customers across multiple channels including email, SMS, and social media. You can automate customer journeys so that customers receive the right messages at the right time.

Put customer data at the heart of every interaction

Whether you are seeking to draw more value from your customer data or are looking to enhance your loyalty programs, HTK Horizon can help you unlock the value of your data to better understand, reward and engage with your customers like never before.

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Green HTK Outline

Experiences built with HTK Horizon

Fuel Pump

Texaco Valero – Replatforming Star Rewards for enhanced engagement and loyalty

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Krispy Kreme – Designing an integrated, multi-channel Loyalty program for leading UK retailer.

Learn about how Krispy Kreme UK energised their loyalty and rewards program using Horizon technology.

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Flod Aerial Scaled

SEPA – Providing critical flood warning alerts to communities across Scotland

Learn about how The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency are using Horizon technology to deliver critical citizen communications.

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Expert market knowledge

Using Customer Insight to Drive Loyalty and Value


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Using Customer Insight to Drive Loyalty and Value

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ITA Group Acquires HTK Limited

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HTK Recognised in Forrester’s Now Tech: Promotions and Offer Management Report

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HTK software helps brands deliver personalised promotions quicker & easier than the competition, with new AI-driven tool


How public transit operators can get on board with loyalty

Trusted by enterprise brands globally

"Horizon has been a key piece of the puzzle as we move towards a more 1-to-1 approach to our marketing comms. With Horizon, creating and overlaying customer segments is so much faster, meaning we can get personalised messages to our members far more easily."

"We chose HTK because it’s intuitive, beautifully designed, and made for customer management, making it the perfect way to level up our experiences. The features such as SMS, insights and promotions has measurably increased audience engagement."

"Horizon and HTK has been exceptional at meeting our needs, managing our expectations and delivering exactly what we had hoped for. We would highly recommend them and the Horizon platform."

"As the requirements were ever changing at our end - I think the team at HTK did a great job at supporting us and responding to the changes. As ever the team was responsive, kept the pressure on appropriately and delivered on time ultimately!"

"The loyalty landscape is changing and that means that generic, transactional programs are no longer as effective. Texaco needed to shift their program to create emotional loyalty and deeper, more valuable customer relationships and Horizon has been a key part of that."

"SEPA has a pivotal role to play in helping communities avoid flood risk where they can, adapt where they cannot and act when warned of flooding. Horizon has helped us develop a robust messaging system, which is both resilient and innovative."

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