Promotions management

Insight-driven promotions, with none of the fuss

Boost engagement, generate additional revenue and protect profit margins. Horizon offers a single, integrated platform to manage the creation, execution and measurement of personalised offers and promotions – whether digital or physical – across all customer touch-points.

Examples of customer promotions such as push notifications, email marketing and website banners.
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Put data at the core of your promotion strategy

Using advanced machine learning, Horizon analyses behaviour to help you better understand your customers interests, propensity to churn or likelihood to buy, ensuring that sales promotions and offers only go to those who might need the extra incentive. Horizon then uses real-time automation to contextually select the promotions that best suit each customer – even if that’s no promotion at all. 


A single platform to create personalised offers, manage voucher codes and integrate your product catalogue, to develop a calendar of strategic and tactical sales promotions.


Share micro-targeted offers through your websites, mobile apps, email and social media, and process baskets in real-time at ecommerce and your physical point-of-sale.


Use fallow cells and campaign-specific control groups to measure the impact of each promotion, and further analyse customer activity to optimise performance over time.

Real-time point-of-sale promotions

Apply points-based promotions as part of your loyalty program, or give cash discounts based on the customer profile, purchase location, method of tender, basket items, frequency of transaction and more. Issue vouchers to stimulate future sales, and redeem them as part of a qualifying transaction. Horizon also includes a comprehensive promotion simulator, so you can check that the right promotions will be applied to the right customers as part of a holistic marketing strategy.

  • API to integrate your points-of-sale
  • Apply points, discounts and vouchers
  • Automated selection of “best” promotion
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Issue and redeem vouchers

Issue voucher codes based on customer behaviour (whether purchase activity or otherwise) and deliver those vouchers through web, email, mobile app, digital wallet, SMS or push notifications. Redeem voucher codes for digital or physical rewards, or as part of a qualifying purchase transaction.

HTK Horizon Customer Relationship Scoring

Target personalised offers

Micro-target offers based on any combination of known customer attributes, on any or all customer touch points (e.g. app-only offers) along with other context such as the date or time. Horizon will automatically calculate a personalised list of next-best offers for each customer, in real-time,

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Run product-specific promos

Upload your product catalogue to Horizon to run brand, category or SKU-specific promotions. That might be a discount on a particular brand of shirts if the basket also contains a pair of similarly branded jeans, or whatever you can imagine to drive cross-sales and purchase frequency.

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Positive emotions create financial value

Make your customers smile with offers and promotions that are personalised to them, relevant to their needs and easy to redeem. Whether it’s free shipping, exclusive offers or a tactical campaign to increase new customer referrals – the right gesture can go a long way towards building emotional loyalty and increasing lifetime customer value. Putting smiles on faces puts money in the till.

Next-best promotion

Use simple drag-and-drop business rules and Machine Learning to micro-target the right sales promotion or personalised offer to the right customer.

An end-to-end solution

A single platform to create new offers and promotions, manage targeting and communications, and handle end-to-end issuance and redemption.

Easy to integrate

Horizon offers a RESTful API for real-time integration with your ecommerce platform, physical point-of-sale, websites, apps and other touch points.

Inbuilt conflict resolution

Automatic selection of the best offer or promotion, avoiding complex IF THEN decision trees to simplify the process of managing multiple campaigns.

Promotion simulation

Create test customers and test baskets for “what if” analysis, to grow confidence that the right promotions will be applied in any given situation

Financial optimisation

Use fallow cells and control groups to test and measure the impact of your promotions on sales and profit, for continuous optimisation of results.

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