Customer retention & loyalty

We have the tools, technical know-how and commercial expertise to help you build sustainable customer loyalty.

Strategic advice & guidance

Our team has worked on some of the world’s best-loved loyalty programs, from initial design through CRM strategy and operation, to commercial modelling and ROI analysis. Whether you’re considering a new strategy or just want to refine and measure what you already have in place, we can help.

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Loyalty programs

Whether you want a points-based program with a catalogue of rewards, a frequency-based program with a set of always-on offers or something else, we can help.  Horizon’s loyalty management capabilities make it easy to build and operate a personalised loyalty program that will differentiate your brand, and measure the incremental uplift in revenue, ATV and ATF.

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CRM and campaign management

When it comes to data-driven CRM and campaigns, Horizon gives you unbeatable business agility through its flexibility and ease of use. Multi-channel campaigns can be executed from segments created in the core customer data platform with no need to switch between systems, and our file- and API-based transaction feeds enable closed-loop reporting.

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Data-driven customer experience (CX)

Customer retention strategy requires a joined-up approach across marketing, sales and service; providing customers with information and offers that will make them feel pleased, valued and cared for.  Horizon CXFlow acts on data flowing into the Horizon One360 customer data platform, and changes in that data, to provide the right content at the point of customer need.

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