Grey HTK Outline
Grey HTK Outline

Flooid and HTK empower retailers to deliver more personalised customer experiences

Loyalty software vendor HTK and global point-of-sale provider Flooid today announced a formal partnership, offering retailers a solution for integrated, personalised customer experiences – in-store and across digital channels.

HTK joins the Flooid Hub, an ecosystem of cloud platforms that work alongside the Flooid Core basket technology, enabling retailers to access innovative solutions for in-store digital transformation.

HTK and Flooid first began working together in 2019 on a project for Krispy Kreme UK, to deliver a multichannel loyalty program with personalised offers at the till. Core to the project was the integration of HTK’s platform, the Horizon CX & Loyalty Cloud, with Flooid Personalised Offers.

For Krispy Kreme, Flooid provides the sales channel connection and a unique wallet offering for each customer. Horizon is the brain behind-the-scenes, using customer data and machine learning algorithms to select the best offers for each individual and upload them to the Flooid wallet, ready for the customer’s next transaction.

Following the success of this project, Flooid and HTK recognised the potential of a seamless solution for the retail and hospitality market – a solution which joins the physical POS with a retailer’s data-driven CX and loyalty strategy.

Aside from offer recommendation, Horizon also provides AI-driven analytics, individualised customer journeys, multichannel marketing automation, and full-service loyalty programs. By using Horizon alongside their Flooid POS, retailers can engage customers with consistently personalised offers and content, both in-store and across digital channels.

Marlon Bowser, CEO of HTK, said: Flooid Personalised Offers work hand-in-hand with our data analytics, loyalty management and targeting capabilities, to engage customers with relevant, financially optimized deals at the point of sale.

HTK is delighted to join the Flooid Hub and continue working alongside their innovative team to bring holistic customer experiences – fuelled by AI and driven by data – to the retail and hospitality sectors.

Tony Houldsworth, President of Flooid, said: At Flooid, we’re committed to offering retailers best-of-breed solutions for every aspect of retail. HTK is a great partner to add to our ecosystem and enables us to provide retailers with a solution that’s tightly integrated at point-of-sale, and spans the rest of the customer journey, too.

About HTK

Founded in 1996, HTK provides cloud software that helps businesses increase customer value through two-way engagement, insight-driven promotions and personalized loyalty. HTK’s Horizon Loyalty & CX Cloud has rich customer insight baked in, making it easy to deliver individualized experiences on any channel with no data scientists needed. HTK works with clients across retail, telco, hospitality and the public sector.

About Flooid

The Flooid platform delivers basket functionality across store and online sales channels. With high levels of multi-vertical capability, Flooid handles the sales operations for some of the world’s most complex grocery, specialty, fashion and food and beverage retailers in their POS, self-checkout, mobile, eCommerce and social environments. Flooid is designed to handle both the high levels of throughput and resilience that a store demands, and the hyper-scalability required for mobile and online sales. With its powerful API set, developer toolkit and the growing community of partners, Flooid enables retailers to tap into the massive ecosystem of start-ups, innovators and IOT technologies to remove the limits of their innovations. For more information visit

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