Grey HTK Outline
Grey HTK Outline

New Horizon Release: Bringing simple, actionable customer insight to the surface

We’re delighted to announce a major update to our HTK Horizon platform, enabling marketers to finally focus on metrics that actually contribute to business success.

Most marketing automation software focuses on customer acquisition, using metrics like “opens” and “clicks”. But we believe that this approach completely misses the point.

There’s a reason that marketing is sometimes perceived as a luxury at board level. It’s because marketers are focused on the wrong metrics – and they fail to align properly with the overarching business objectives. We predict that within two years there will be a fundamental shift. Talk of “opens” and “clicks” will be long gone, and marketing metrics will have a much sharper commercial focus on the most important thing – valuable, long-lasting customer relationships.

The latest update puts more meaningful customer insight right at the heart of the platform. ELVIS Insight provides a simple yet powerful framework, tracking the five key metrics that are central to improving customer lifetime value and encouraging advocacy:

  • How engaged are they with your communications?
  • How loyal are they to your business?
  • How valuable are they as a customer?
  • How influential are they?
  • What’s their current sentiment?

Engagement, Loyalty, Value, Influence, Sentiment. It’s no surprise that we affectionately refer to this simple, actionable insight as “ELVIS”.

ELVIS customer insight

DMA Committee Member, Dr. Tim Drye, has also been impressed with what he has seen,

“HTK has delivered a framework that gives easy, clean and robust access to leading-edge best practice… Customer Relationship Scores, aka ‘E.L.V.I.S.’, is going to be disruptive – it could be a real game-changer.”

Many businesses we speak to need to understand who their most loyal and valuable customers are. But typically the software they use does not provide the insight they need, or their data is fragmented across too many systems.

Our Horizon platform brings data together and does the nitty-gritty data bit automatically. By putting simple, actionable customer insight at the heart of HTK Horizon, we’ve brought the key metrics that marketers should be focused on right to the very surface.

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