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Grey HTK Outline

How can proximity marketing improve the in-store experience? [Video]

Picture this: you overhear a snippet of a conversation and jump in with what you think is a relevant comment… only to realise it’s entirely out of context. In the best case, you look a bit silly; in the worst, you’ve offended someone.

Understanding the context of a conversation is important.

And marketers are beginning to realise that this applies to their customer conversations as well. But many are overlooking a key data point, an essential part of the context of any interaction – location.

Where the customer is when they interact with you should shape both what you say and how you say it (i.e. the channel). And it gives you valuable information that you can use to serve them better and deliver a more personalised experience.

Our CEO Marlon Bowser met with Tim Andrew, of proximity tech company Localz, to talk about what these experiences might look like, and how location-based marketing can drive customer loyalty. Check out their thoughts in this short video…

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