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Grey HTK Outline

New in Horizon: Making insight more accessible – and actionable

Customer insight, especially from your own data, is one of the biggest assets a modern marketing team has. But accessing that insight can be complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensive. And when you’re constantly focused on the next campaign or project, there’s often no time to do complex data analysis. It’s easier to stick to surface-level insights and basic personalisation.

One of our goals with Horizon is to make accessing the customer insight you need easier and faster, so you can be as relevant as possible in every interaction. 

So this month, we’re excited to announce a few product updates that should help you do just that.

New Feature: Segment Tracking

Your customer’s relationship with your brand isn’t static, so the groups (or segments) that they’™re a part of will naturally change over time. In this release, we’™ve made it easier to see a customer’s current and past group membership and how these have changed.

Within each customer’s contact record you’ll be able to see a colour-coded list of all the groups they’re a part of, based on how long they’ve been in the group. You’ll also find a complete audit of every group they’ve joined and left over their lifetime.

And you’ll be able to search and segment on group history across your customer base. For example, you could run a search to see everyone who left the group ‘High-Value Customers’ in the last 3 months. Then, you could add them to a new group and send a follow-up campaign to upsell them on a new product.

This will make it easier to understand how different customers’ relationships with your brand have changed over time. That means you can identify issues faster and be more strategic in your campaign targeting.

Updated Feature: Smart Stream

Last year, we introduced Horizon Smart Stream – a live feed of customer activity showing you how members and subscribers are interacting with your brand in real-time. In this release, we’ve added Smart Stream to each customer’s contact record, meaning you can see real-time activity at the individual level.

This gives you useful insight if you’re digging deep into customer behaviour – if, say, you’re looking at how high-value customers in your ideal persona engage with your brand after making a purchase.

It’s also useful for customer service agents as they assist loyalty members with their account, giving them instant visibility into the communications a member has recently received, rewards they’ve just redeemed and so on.

Updated Feature: Transaction History

Understanding a customer’s purchasing habits – how much they usually spend, the categories they purchase from and how often they buy will help you tailor the offers, rewards and marketing comms they receive. 

To that end, we’ve added another level of detail to the transaction history in a customer contact record you can now expand basket-level transaction entry to see line-item details.

Extended search and segmentation based on transactions has also been released, to enable more specific targeting.

Now, you can find and group customers based on specific basket-level attributes, such as the currency they used, total basket value or transaction type. We’ll be adding segmentation based on line items within a transaction to our next release.

Other Updates

In addition to these key features, we’ve made a few more improvements including support for on-pack codes, API updates, and data export and reporting enhancements.

You can see a full overview of all the updates, improvements and fixes in our latest Release Note.

Interested in finding out more about Horizon?

If you’re not a customer and would like to find out more about our customer loyalty and engagement solutions, drop us a line. We’re always happy to answer questions, offer advice or walk you through the platform. 

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