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Grey HTK Outline

How to: Integrate social into your loyalty program [Video]

Word-of-mouth is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to brands today – it requires little resource on behalf of the business, but often carries more weight among consumers than traditional marketing. Research shows that 54% of online shoppers (and 39% of in-store shoppers) checked reviews before deciding on a product. And millennial shoppers, in particular, said a recommendation from a friend was one of the top reasons they’d try a new brand.

Social media is a prime channel to get loyal customers spreading the word about your brand, your products – and your loyalty program. But how do you spark authentic conversations that will engage their network of friends and followers without feeling forced?

Horizon’s social loyalty features are designed to encourage real engagement on Facebook and Twitter – by rewarding likes, comments and other social interactions, as well as the act of sharing itself. Horizon also enables you to reward your most influential loyalty program members with more points and unique rewards, so you can concentrate on motivating the customers whose opinions matter most.

In the video below, I’ll give you a quick overview of Horizon’s social loyalty features, so you can see what they look like from a member’s perspective and how easy they are to configure behind-the-scenes.

The other video I mention, about setting up personalised offers, can be found here.

If you’d like to know more about social loyalty in Horizon, please get in touch, or leave a comment below.

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