How to create engaging in-store experiences with mobile tech

How to create engaging in-store experiences with mobile tech

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How can technology help retailers improve the in-store experience?

The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, yet for many retailers, the customer experience in-store has changed very little and the activity of browsing the shop and selecting items is still quite separate from the digital world. But does it matter?

Recent research suggests it does: 69% of customers reported that retailers weren’t doing enough to improve the in-store experience with mobile technology.

So what do engaging, mobile experiences look like in the bricks-and-mortar environment, and how can mid-market retailers practically implement them?

Learn how to engage customers through mobile tech

Our latest ebook answers these questions with practical use cases that can be delivered using the technology available today.

Download it now to see how in-store mobile engagement can help retailers:

  • maximize the value of their loyalty program,
  • create seamless experiences that drive purchase, and
  • connect with socially-conscious consumers over a common cause.