Strategic Consultancy

Expert advice to get your strategy on the right track

Looking for a loyalty strategy that’s differentiated and adds tangible value to your business?

It’s not easy to create an economically viable loyalty program — or avoid the trap of cookie-cutter, transaction-based schemes. But with our end-to-end approach, we can help you get there.

Our Horizon platform is flexible and quick to deploy, making it easy to gather real-world insights and get your loyalty strategy up and running.

How we do it

We start with our tried-and-tested Discovery Workshop, where we’ll learn about your unique business challenges and objectives. After detailed competitor analysis, market research and concept ideation, we’ll come back to you with a differentiated value proposition and a supporting business case.

After the Discovery Workshop, you may decide to work with us to put your plans into action, through either a proof-of-concept, short-term pilot, or full solution.

Proof-of-Concept Lab

Using our innovative “test-and-learn” method, we can help you validate ideas and explore new approaches to loyalty — at low-cost and low-risk. 

Short-term Pilot

New IT projects can be risky — especially when they directly affect your end customer. Minimize the risk with a smaller scale market-test.

Full Solution Delivery

Ready to launch? Our team can quickly bring your ideas to life, delivering end-to-end solutions with expert advice and sound guidance throughout.

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