Short-Term Pilots

The stepping stone to a low-risk launch

Take the stress out of launching a new initiative.

New IT projects can be risky, especially when they directly impact your end customer (and your bottom line). Why not test the waters — and speed up project sign-off — with a short-term pilot?

Often conducted after an initial proof-of-concept as part of a consultancy-led project, a pilot can be a valuable way to market-test an idea before committing to a full-scale launch.

What’s included in a pilot?

Target market selection
Program or concept design
Tech integrations
Software & web development
Roll-out to target market
KPIs & regular reporting

Committed to your success

Due to the unmatched flexibility of our Horizon platform, we’re typically able to deliver a production-grade, fully supported pilot in just a few months. If it proves successful, we simply increase the Horizon platform licensing to scale-up the database size, transaction volumes and contracted term. It’s a win-win!

Flexible pricing models

Fixed Price

We’ll agree a set price at the start of the project, around a clear project spec and list of deliverables. Clear and simple.


After an initial set-up fee, you pay based on the success (or otherwise) of the project. When you succeed, so do we.

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