Proof-of-Concept Lab

Take ideas from the drawing board to the real world

Looking for a low-risk way to test a new idea?

It’s hard to get buy-in on a new tech project when you can’t guarantee it will work. What you need is a testing ground — a low-cost way to launch an idea and gather real insight on its success (or otherwise), without the risks associated with a full-scale project.

HTK’s proof-of-concept lab is the place to make it happen. Our experienced team can bring your next big idea to life quickly and at an affordable price — perfect for winning over risk-averse stakeholders.

Gather real insights — fast

Our team can take your business idea from the drawing board to an end-to-end technical solution that can be tested by your staff, your partners and/or your customers. Using “Lean Startup” principles, we put a focus on rapid learning through end-user interaction, rather than on achieving perfection on day one.

This approach leads to better-informed business decisions, and (if successful) can rapidly evolve into a short-term “pilot” or even a full end-to-end customer solution, managed internally or by our team.

The expertise you need, for any tech project

We’ve got in-house expertise that covers a wide range of technologies; plus we’re an active member of the TechEast community, with access to the experience and skills of a thriving local tech scene.

Web and mobile app development
Beacons, geofences and proximity messaging
IoT (including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)
IVR automation & speech recognition
Email, SMS and app messaging
Social media apps and integrations

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