B2C Loyalty Programs

Increase advocacy and repeat purchase with a tailored program

Don’t be fooled by traditional loyalty programs.

The truth is, most programs fail to create real customer loyalty. That’s because true loyalty comes from great experiences, not points and prizes — and the majority of transaction-based programs fail to deliver.

To win loyalty going forward, you need a program that engages customers throughout their lifecycle and encourages the behaviors that create real value for your brand. Horizon provides the deep customer insight, seamless integration and advanced tools you need to make it happen.

Loyalty beyond transactions

Go beyond the point of purchase, to reward and encourage the right behaviors — those that contribute to lasting loyalty.

With Horizon, you can reward customers for completing a range of customizable activities that help them connect with your brand, including:

  • engaging with targeted content (videos, blog posts, etc.)
  • filling out surveys or quizzes
  • completing offline activities or tasks
  • attending events
  • sharing content and referring friends through social media

Known, valued & connected.

Customers who feel known by and connected to a brand drive greater revenue (through both purchase and advocacy) than those who don’t.

And this connection grows when a customer’s experience of doing business with you feels tailored to them — every time.

Horizon makes this deliverable at scale, with deep, AI-powered insight that creates personalized experiences across your loyalty portal, marketing comms and other touchpoints.

All the features you need

Points mechanics
Membership tiers
Non-transactional points earning
Recommendation engine
Offers, rewards, and promotions management
Badges and gamification
AI-powered insight tools
Personalised web portals & mobile apps
Multi-channel messaging and automation

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