B2B Loyalty Programs

Engagement-based programs, designed for business

Build better business relationships.

Loyalty programs aren’t just for the B2C world. Like everyday consumers, business buyers still choose brands they like — those that deliver tangible value, while making them feel known and appreciated.

But that doesn’t mean that your B2B program should be a carbon copy of your favorite coffee shop scheme. Business buyers have unique needs and goals when it comes to their relationship with your brand — and Horizon has the tools to deliver a program that’s tailored for them.

Engaging experiences for every decision-maker

Businesses often have more than one person involved in the purchasing decision — so how do you ensure all the relevant stakeholders are being engaged and rewarded in a personalized way?

With Horizon, you can create loyalty groups, so that multiple buyers in the same business can earn and spend their rewards, together. Control how group members are added, who can redeem points, and more — it’s the ideal way to build loyalty with every contact.

Loyalty beyond transactions

Business relationships are built on more than just purchases, whether your customers pay for goods on an ad-hoc or contractual basis.

That’s why Horizon helps you go beyond transactions, to encourage the behaviors that build emotional loyalty.

Recognize and reward customers for a range of custom activities, including:

  • engaging with targeted content (videos, blog posts, etc.)
  • filling out surveys or quizzes
  • completing offline activities or tasks
  • attending events
  • sharing content and making referrals through social media

All the features you need

Points mechanics
Configurable loyalty groups
Non-transactional points earning
Recommendation engine
Offers, rewards, and promotions management
Badges and gamification
AI-powered insight tools
Personalised web portals & mobile apps
Multi-channel messaging and automation

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