Horizon for Telco

Retain empowered customers with engaging experiences

Stop the cycle of customer churn

Retaining customers — especially those who were originally drawn in by a discount — is increasingly difficult in a world where switching providers takes just a few clicks. Customers are drawn to businesses who provide experiences that add value. But in the absence of good experience, they’ll settle for whoever’s got the best price.

To stop the cycle of churn, telcos must take their customer experiences up a level, to engage with customers in a way that’s relevant, helpful and personal. Horizon provides the tools to help you create that not only win lasting loyalty, but also drive advocacy.

Engage and retain valuable customers

The telco companies that succeed in connecting and engaging with customers more effectively will gain direct competitive advantage.

Those that don’t could see a decrease of up to 65% in revenue from customers who perceive they are having a poor experience.

Horizon helps you harness and centralize your data (no matter the source), extract the critical insights you need and optimize your ability to create the experience your customers want.

Uncover key insights

Bring relevant data from multiple sources into one place, to empower marketing, sales & service teams with deeper insight.

Engage at the right moment

Deliver the best content to each customer based on key events — like a change in lifecycle stage or a drop in sentiment.

Encourage word-of-mouth

Grow advocacy by rewarding customers for referring friends or sharing your content, with offers tailored to their value & influence.

Case Study: 261% uplift in app check-ins

Priority is O2’s award-winning mobile app, and with over 3 million registered users, it’s one of Europe’s largest loyalty programmes.

As part of their omnichannel strategy for customer retention, we delivered targeted rewards that drove a 261% up-lift in check-ins to the O2 Priority app.

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Reducing Customer Churn [Free Guide]

Churn is a boardroom issue. Many execs are now focussing on churn rates as a key indicator of potential long-term business performance and profitability.

This guide will show you:

  • how to identify customers who are likely to churn
  • how to re-engage at-risk customers before they lapse
  • how to use your data more effectively to reduce churn

Learn how to make data-driven decisions and create personalized experiences that retain profitable customers.

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