Horizon for Subscription Business

Say goodbye to churn with engaging customer experiences

Build profitable customer relationships — month after month

From streaming services to gym memberships, the subscription model is increasingly becoming the norm. And subscription businesses are perfectly positioned to develop long-lasting, profitable customer relationships — but they’re also the hardest hit by customer churn. 

To retain customers in a fiercely competitive environment, businesses must engage them with personalized experiences, that make them feel known and valued — and less willing to switch to a competitor. Horizon provides the insight marketers need to power these experiences, plus the tools to put it into action.

    Catch your best customers, before they go

    Spotting your best customers can be challenging when everyone pays a set amount each month. Re-engaging them before they churn can be even harder.

    Horizon brings together customer data from your website, CRM and any other back-end tools you have, to provide insight you can use – helping you determine which customers are the most valuable, whose loyalty is declining and who is at risk of churn.

    And with Horizon’s powerful decision engine and real-time triggers, you can use this insight to reach at-risk customers with personalized content and offers, before it’s too late.

    Reducing Customer Churn [Guide]

    Churn rates are an essential metric for subscription businesses, so the ability to visualize this information and use it to make data-driven decisions is a critical requirement.

    This guide will show you:

    • how to identify customers who are likely to churn
    • how to re-engage at-risk customers before they lapse
    • how to use your data more effectively to reduce churn

    Get ahead of the competition and re-engage at-risk customers before it’s too late — download the guide to find out how.

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