Loyalty for the subscription economy

From software to consumables, businesses everywhere are shifting to a subscription economy.

And while potential customer lifetime value is high, the competition is fierce — and that makes customer retention even more essential.

Horizon helps you grow lasting loyalty, to keep customers coming back month after month.

Quenching your thirst for customer insights

Your recurring subscription business allows you to build long-term relationships, monitor engagement, and perform sentiment analysis.

But are you able to harvest the hidden customer insights and perform the deeper analysis needed to encourage stickier customer relationships, improve and evolve your offering and develop new product innovations?

Have you built a strong customer loyalty program designed to retain your customers? Could that program be performing better?

The most successful subscription businesses share these traits:

  • Focus on a niche market
  • Leverage a competitive advantage
  • Take an interesting or unique marketing approach
  • Build strong customer loyalty (low churn)

Our world has moved to a subscription economy — how can Horizon help?

Business success is now being measured in decreased churn rates, revenue expansion and advocacy. Having a loyalty solution in place will provide the insight and information you need to compete effectively, measure and improve your marketing return, and drive more profit.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help subscription businesses like yours focus on addressing the new era of consumer demand, by providing the ability to engage with your customers individually at scale and in real-time. Horizon has unbeatable speed of implementation, is super-easy to use and delivers return on investment quicker than any other solution on the market.

We empower our clients to be leaders in their fields by creating profitable, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering in-the-moment customer experiences that are truly personal, going way beyond traditional loyalty marketing techniques. Horizon helps you grow loyalty by:

  • Actively helping you to manage customer success
  • Capturing the data you need, from any source and putting it into one place to gain real-time insight
  • Identifying and re-engaging at-risk customers before they churn
  • More effectively using all the avenues available to increase customer lifetime value
  • Cross-selling and upselling to the right customers based on insight
  • Rewarding your influential consumers engaging with your brand on social media

Reducing Customer Churn [Guide]

Churn rates are an essential metric for subscription businesses, so the ability to visualize this information and use it to make data-driven decisions is a critical requirement.

This guide will show you:

  • how to identify customers who are likely to churn
  • how to re-engage at-risk customers before they lapse
  • how to use your data more effectively to reduce churn

Get ahead of the competition and re-engage at-risk customers before it’s too late — download the guide to find out how.

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