Horizon for Financial Services

Engage and retain with a new generation of customer experience

The experience your customers are switching for

From insurance to banking, the financial services sector is on the brink of serious disruption. New fintech players appeal to valuable younger generations with convenience, personalization and flexibility. To compete, traditional institutions need to upgrade their customer experiences — fast.

Horizon enables your team to make better use of customer data, in a secure and compliant way, to create more relevant interactions, reward and retain customers, and grow lasting loyalty.

Add value throughout the lifecycle

Customers are looking for companies that add value to their lives — through personalization, convenience or other benefits. For insurers, this means finding ways to engage and serve, beyond the moment of purchasing a policy or making a claim.

Horizon provides the insight you need to understand what matters to your customers, identify key segments and catch valuable customers before they lapse.

Using this insight, and Horizon’s powerful recommendation engine, you can deliver valuable, personalized interactions that create positive relationships.

Uncover key customer insights

Bring relevant data from marketing, sales, customer service, claims, etc. into one place, for deeper insight in real-time.

Engage on multiple channels

Capture data (from the web, a mobile app, IoT, etc.); then engage on those same channels with insight-driven experiences.

Build lasting relationships

Engage with customers regularly — not just when they renew or make a claim — to stay front-of-mind and grow lasting loyalty.

Build deeper customer relationships

With financial products becoming more commoditized, customer experience is becoming the primary competitive advantage.

To compete, banks need to increase their capacity to build genuine relationships with their customers. Ultimately, what they don’t need is more data — they need insight.

Horizon analyzes your data to give you a deeper understanding of your customers, and helps you use this insight (in a compliant way) to engage customers with personalized experiences, that build lasting loyalty.

Uncover key customer insights

Use every interaction to learn more about each customer, so you can cross-sell relevant services and personalize experiences.

Build lasting relationships

Engage customers regularly with valuable content and card-linked offers, to stay front-of-mind and grow lasting loyalty.

Encourage word-of-mouth

Grow advocacy by rewarding customers for referring friends or sharing your content, with offers tailored to their value & influence.

Your valuable data — in safe hands

We take information security very seriously, and build it in to everything we do. For over 15 years, we’ve worked closely with UK Government departments and police forces, as well as private sector clients, to ensure that their data is handled securely.

We have designed and implemented our platform, processes, policies and procedures in line with the requirements and recommendations of ISO27001, along with other industry standards. Information security is a paramount consideration across our entire business.

Smart Loyalty: Winning Hearts in the Connected Future

Consumer adoption of smart home devices is growing, opening up new ways for businesses to engage and add value. As with any new channel, though, marketers must ask themselves: Is this the right channel for our customers? And if so, how do we use it to deliver better customer experiences?

In this guide, we’ll help you answer these questions, by exploring:

  • how consumers and businesses are responding to the connected world,
  • how IoT could shape loyalty programs of the future, and
  • how to start building IoT into your strategy.

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