Grow more profitable business relationships

Loyalty programs aren’t just for B2C businesses — creating a valued relationship with clients throughout the buying cycle is just as critical for B2B companies.

Horizon helps you nurture these client relationships, to deliver a personalized and rewarding experience that encourages lasting loyalty.

Transform your data into actionable insight

How can you transform the customer data you have into actionable insights to deliver the competitive advantage you need?

How can you achieve deeper customer relationships and help overcome any issues you face during the buying process? How can you deliver a personalized experience that customers’ value, at scale?

A critical part of the purchase process for B2B buyers is consulting their network of peers for advice and guidance. Horizon helps you generate the data-driven insights to encourage and reward advocacy among your influential customers.

A new Horizon for B2B loyalty

Having a loyalty solution in place provides the capabilities to manage, track, engage and address the changing needs of your buyers, by identifying behaviours and predicting outcomes. This customer centric approach and the ability to deliver next-generation personalization and customer experience is key to creating and retaining valuable, brand loyal customers.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help businesses, focus on addressing this ‘new era’ of consumer demand, by providing the ability to engage with your customers individually at scale and in real-time.

Horizon has unbeatable speed of implementation, is super-easy to use and delivers return on investment quicker than any other solution on the market.

We empower our clients to be leaders in their fields by creating profitable, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering in-the-moment customer experiences that are truly personal, going way beyond traditional loyalty marketing techniques. Horizon offers unparalleled results.

Why choose Horizon

  • Capture all your data, from any source and put it into one place to gain universal real-time, customer insights
  • Make data-driven, forward-looking decisions by having the strategic insight you need
  • Improve engagement by offering a personalized experience customers will value
  • Deliver realtime multichannel campaigns to meet the mobility and speed of service your customers want
  • Exploit more opportunities to increase customer lifetime value
  • Reward influential consumers who promote your content across social media
  • Actively manage customer success to drive increased retention
  • Trusted cost-effective, fully supported, highly secure SaaS technology platform

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