One size does not fit all

Loyalty is essential whatever your industry — but that doesn’t mean any program will do.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub can be optimized and configured to fit any business. And our packaged options will help you get up and running even faster.

Choose your sector to find out how Horizon can help…


Holding onto your best customers has never been more essential. To keep them coming back, you need a loyalty solution that engages customers with relevant rewards, turning them from one-time shoppers into brand advocates.

Subscription Business

Whether you provide web-based software, consumable subscription boxes or digital content, the competition has never been so fierce — or consumers more fickle. Horizon will keep them coming back, month after month.

B2B / Wholesale

Loyalty schemes aren’t just for consumers. More than ever, business-to-business relationships require nurturing too, through recognition and reward, to help incentivize acquisition, reduce churn and deliver more profitable growth.


The smallest nuances of a guest’s experience can have a big impact on their satisfaction and loyalty. Horizon combines depth of insight with speed of action, to provide the highly personalized experience that guests expect.

Financial Services

No sector has more of an imperative to change, to reinvent, to provide customers with a differentiated experience that helps to combat the pricing battleground of comparison sites. Horizon can underpin that transformation.


Schemes like O2 Priority have shown the incredible impact that micro-targeted offers and lifestyle rewards can have on customer acquisition, as well as ARPU and churn-benefit. We have the experience to deliver.

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