Horizon for Retail

Retain valuable customers with an insight-driven loyalty or CRM solution

Engaging experiences to drive footfall & repeat purchase

Customer experience is a key battleground for retailers, whether online or off. But most traditional efforts to retain customers have focused heavily on discounts and transaction-based loyalty. That can leave retailers in a tough spot, with loyalty and CRM programs failing to deliver — for both the customer and the business.

Horizon is engagement software built for better customer experiences. Its deep insight, advanced personalization tools and seamless multichannel delivery make it easy for retailers to run engaging CRM and loyalty programs that drive true loyalty. 

Feature-rich, easy-to-use loyalty software — optimized for retail marketers

Horizon is a new breed of loyalty platform, providing the deep insights you need to precisely target your campaigns and offers to achieve the retention and profit you want.

Optimized for retailers and ultra-easy to use, Horizon can be up and running in as little as 60-days to accelerate your time to market and ROI.

Deliver the personalized experiences consumers demand, with real-time information and the ability to make changes on the fly.

Now you can convert your most profitable customers into your most loyal customers.

Create retail experiences that drive loyalty

It’s harder than ever to differentiate your products from competitors. Today’s customers are more demanding and more empowered — with greater choice, greater access to information and the ability to switch brands a lot more easily.

With such intense competition and so many seasonal, consumer and cost challenges to overcome, having an easy to run and highly effective loyalty program is a necessity.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help businesses like yours focus on addressing the new era of consumer demand, by providing the ability to engage with your customers as individuals, at scale and in real-time.

Horizon has unbeatable speed of implementation, is super-easy to use and delivers return on investment quicker than any other solution on the market.

Why choose Horizon

Having a loyalty solution in place will provide the insight and information you need to drive actions that help you compete more effectively and improve revenue and profit.

  • Bring in-store and online data together in real-time
  • Use real-time insights to reach customers with relevant messages and encourage them to choose your product
  • Quickly implement an effective cross-channel loyalty program
  • Reward customers for desired behaviours, without resorting to discounts
  • Boost engagement with in-store offers and promotions using WiFi and beacon technology
  • Engaging with influential customers on social media and reward them for promoting your content and offers

Create loyal online customers

According to a Bain & Co study, the average repeat customer of an apparel site spent 67% more in the 3rd year of their relationship with the retailer than they did in the first 6 months — and their fifth purchase was 40% larger than the first.

Word of mouth is the single most effective and economical way online retailers grow their sites. And loyalty, it turns out, can be a key lever for referrals. After ten purchases, a typical shopper will have referred seven people to the same site — and the value of these referrals can be significant.

It’s also clear that loyal customers will buy other products from you. Repeat purchasing builds trust — meaning customers are more likely to consider purchasing other products — and provides more cross-selling opportunities.

The message is quite clear — that in online retail, customer loyalty is a crucial driver of long-term profitability.

Repeat customers are profitable customers

Loyal online customers, just like offline ones, spend more, refer more people, and are more willing to expand their purchasing into new categories — making them far more profitable than one-time shoppers. Online retailers who succeed in building customer loyalty, will ultimately be more successful.

So what drives e-loyalty, and how can you improve it? Horizon will help you to:

  • Be more proactive and consistent in your customer contact strategy
  • Use every interaction to learn more about the each customer, so you can specifically design and target customized future offers
  • Reduce customer propensity to churn, by cross-selling multiple products that align with customer needs and lifestyle choices
  • Invest in delighting — not simply satisfying — customers at key moments of truth, by using sentiment analysis alongside rational factors such as lifetime value
  • Communicate highly personalized offers, to dramatically increase the number of opportunities available to grow your revenue
  • Identity, target and reward the most influential consumers who promote your content and offers across social media, to drive profitable referrals

Better experiences, online and off

Bricks-and-mortar retail isn’t dying — but it is changing. Personalized customer experience is the name of the game, and to truly make it happen, retailers must deliver seamless experiences at every touchpoint, from the web to the checkout counter.

Horizon synchronizes your customer data and joins up physical and digital touchpoints — so you can offer the same personalization and convenience with every customer interaction.

  • Bring together data from your EPOS, ecommerce, CRM, service channels and more
  • Draw out deep customer insight with tools powered by machine learning
  • Use Horizon’s decision engine to drive experiences across every touchpoint, including proximity-based tech

Personalized engagement that keeps them coming back

For online retailers, retention is especially important, with research finding that customers typically spend more on later purchases than on their first transaction. But the web is rife with competition — and distractions. How do you keep customers engaged with your brand, so they keep coming back?

Horizon gives you the insight you need to create memorable customer experiences, that make them feel known and valued — and eager to shop again.

  • Bring together data from your ecommerce site, CRM, service channels and more
  • Join up the experience across your website, transactional messages and marketing comms
  • Incentivize reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, to build trust and loyalty

Using Customer Insight to Drive Loyalty in Retail [eBook]

Relevant, personalized marketing builds better customer relationships — relationships that lead to greater loyalty and higher lifetime value. To deliver these personalized interactions, marketers must:

  • manage their customer data more effectively
  • turn this data into actionable insight
  • apply these insights across the business

Our latest retail eBook shows you how, providing a roadmap to move you from data-driven to insight-driven marketing in four steps.

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