Horizon for Retail

Retain valuable customers with an insight-driven loyalty or CRM solution

Engaging experiences — online and off

Customer experience is a key battleground for retailers, whether on the high street or the web. But most traditional efforts to retain customers have focused heavily on discounts and transaction-based loyalty. That can leave retailers in a tough spot, with loyalty and CRM programs failing to deliver — for both the customer and the business.

Horizon is engagement software built for better customer experiences. Its deep insight, advanced personalization tools and seamless multichannel delivery make it easy for retailers to run engaging CRM and loyalty programs that drive true loyalty. 

Drive footfall & repeat purchase

Bricks-and-mortar retail isn’t dying — but it is changing. Personalized customer experience is the name of the game, and to truly make it happen, retailers must deliver seamless experiences at every touchpoint, from the web to the checkout counter.

Horizon synchronizes your customer data and joins up physical and digital touchpoints — so you can offer the same personalization and convenience with every customer interaction.

Bring together data from your EPOS, ecommerce, CRM, service channels and more
Draw out deep customer insight with tools powered by machine learning

Automatically deliver relevant experiences across channels (e.g. web, mobile app, EPOS, beacons)

Grow advocacy and retention

For online retailers, retention is especially important, with research finding that customers typically spend more on later purchases than on their first transaction. But the web is rife with competition — and distractions. How do you keep customers engaged with your brand, so they keep coming back?

Horizon gives you the insight you need to create memorable customer experiences, that make them feel known and valued — and eager to shop again.

Bring together data from your ecommerce site, CRM, service channels and more
Join up the experience across your website, transactional messages and marketing comms
Incentivize reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, to build trust and loyalty

Using Customer Insight to Drive Loyalty in Retail [eBook]

Relevant, personalized marketing builds better customer relationships — relationships that lead to greater loyalty and higher lifetime value. To deliver these personalized interactions, marketers must:

  • manage their customer data more effectively
  • turn this data into actionable insight
  • apply these insights across the business

Our latest retail eBook shows you how, providing a roadmap to move you from data-driven to insight-driven marketing in four steps.

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