Special Report

Customer Experience & Loyalty

Research and reports, produced by Raconteur and The Times

How does customer experience impact loyalty?

According to research from Accenture, 83% of UK consumers retract their loyalty faster today than they did three years ago. Customer loyalty is difficult to earn, but it’s not impossible — and the pay-off is significant for brands who do it right.

In this 16-page report, you’ll learn from industry experts why service still beats convenience when it comes to earning loyalty, why control is the next customer experience standard, and how to win the hearts of consumers across generations.

CX and Loyalty Report Cover, with Times and Raconteur logos

Featured articles in this report:

  • Improving service is still key to success
  • When the humanless touch is just enough
  • Power to the customers
  • Online turn-offs [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Get personal and include the family…
  • Name calling and making cheeky claims
  • Mind the gap: talking ’bout my generation