HTK announces new features in Horizon Loyalty Hub

25 August 2017 – SaaS loyalty provider HTK has this week released a new update to their cloud-based Horizon Loyalty Hub.

The Horizon platform enables businesses to create dynamic, engaging customer experiences, through insight-driven marketing and loyalty programs. This month’s release is focused on expanding and improving the loyalty management capabilities.

Among the new features is the ability for businesses to easily manage the number of points members can earn from a specific activity and the frequency with which these activities can be completed.

Horizon previously enabled marketers to limit points earned through social sharing; now this capability has been extended to include points earned for referring friends or completing a custom activity, such as a quiz. This is particularly useful for preventing members from gaming the system. With a centralised place to manage points and frequency across loyalty activities, marketers will be able to control and fine-tune their program more easily.

HTK has also introduced another way for businesses to add relevance and context to their engagement with loyalty members, through the ability to trigger messages based on a member’s account status. This allows for immediate follow-up when a member’s status changes. For example, if a customer withdraws their membership, the brand can automatically request feedback – giving them the opportunity to solve any issues and potentially win the member back.

Pete Thompson, Head of Product at HTK, said: “This month’s updates are all about giving marketers the flexibility to build the scheme that works best for their business and their customers – delivering real value for consumers through tailored interactions, while giving the marketing team everything they need to run a profitable program.

“We’ve also enhanced the usability and applications of existing features, including ELVIS Insight, social sharing and group membership. We’re excited to see how our clients will benefit from these new capabilities.”

An overview of key updates and improvements to Horizon can be found in the release note.

About HTK

HTK is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, offering next-generation personalised loyalty marketing solutions. The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help businesses engage customers in real-time, with unbeatable speed of implementation, ease of use and return on investment. Our broad and deep technical expertise focusses on the continued delivery of a new evolution in loyalty technology, to address the new era of consumer demand. We empower our clients to be leaders in their fields by creating profitable, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering in-the-moment customer experiences that are truly personal, going way beyond traditional loyalty marketing techniques.

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