HTK’s new Smart Stream gives marketers a live feed of customer engagement

Businesses now have real-time insight into their customers’ activity

12 March 2018 — Relationship marketing solution provider HTK is giving businesses new insight into the success of their loyalty, marketing and CX campaigns with the latest release of their Horizon platform.

The new release includes a feature called Smart Stream, which uses the platform’s event modelling algorithms to provide a real-time feed of how customers are engaging with a brand.

Horizon Smart Stream Real-Time Events

Activity shown in the feed includes interaction with marketing messages, redemption of rewards and offers within the loyalty program, social engagement by loyalty members, and expression of negative or positive sentiment. In addition to the live feed, marketers using Horizon can filter these activities by category and see an overview of how frequently different types of interactions are occurring over time.

This gives marketers the ability to see at a glance which types of engagement are most popular – and therefore, which campaigns, offers and rewards are resonating with their audience.

Smart Stream also offers an early indicator of potential problems – for example, a sudden rise in negative feedback and opt outs suggest that something has gone wrong. Understanding how customers are feeling and behaving in real-time allows marketers to respond quickly and appropriately.

HTK’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Thompson, commented: “The real-time insight marketers can glean from Smart Stream is invaluable, both for monitoring the success of existing campaigns and for deciding what to do next.

“It’s a much more agile way of approaching your marketing and loyalty campaigns, where you’re responding to what customers are doing right now and adapting your tactics as needed along the way.”

About HTK

HTK is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, offering next-generation personalised loyalty marketing solutions. The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help businesses engage customers in real-time, with unbeatable speed of implementation, ease of use and return on investment. Our broad and deep technical expertise focusses on the continued delivery of a new evolution in loyalty technology, to address the new era of consumer demand. We empower our clients to be leaders in their fields by creating profitable, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering in-the-moment customer experiences that are truly personal, going way beyond traditional loyalty marketing techniques.

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