Horizon helps loyalty marketers encourage engagement through social proof

A new “Most Popular” feed motivates loyalty program members to participate

24 October 2017 — End-to-end loyalty solution provider HTK has released an update to their Horizon Loyalty Hub, making it easier for marketers to encourage loyalty member engagement through a “most popular activities” feed.

Loyalty “activities” are Horizon’s way of enabling members to interact with the loyalty program and earn points, without having to make a purchase. Research from Nielsen shows that consumers are keen to be rewarded for brand-focused behaviors that aren’t based on transactions — interacting with brand content, for example.

With the new release, marketers using Horizon can take it a step further, by motivating customers to complete these activities using social proof. A feed of popular activities can now be added to the online loyalty portal, so that program members can see what activities are being completed most often by their peers.

Research has shown that consumers are often more motivated to do something — whether that’s making a purchase, watching a video or sharing content — when they see that their peers have done the same. By highlighting the loyalty activities that have the most completions, marketers can capitalise on this tendency and encourage other members to follow suit.

HTK’s Head of Product, Pete Thompson, said: “The “Most Popular Activities” feed offers that little bit of social proof around how other members are interacting with the program, and this will help other members decide which activities they’ll engage with.

“The more members perceive that other consumers are active in the program, the more likely they are to participate. Active engagement leads to long term loyalty — and that translates to value for both the member and the brand.”

Other features in this update include the ability for members to add activities to their “wishlist” so they can complete them later, as well as configurable limits on the amount of points a member can earn from non-transactional activities in a given time period.

About HTK

HTK is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, offering next-generation personalised loyalty marketing solutions. The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground up to help businesses engage customers in real-time, with unbeatable speed of implementation, ease of use and return on investment. Our broad and deep technical expertise focusses on the continued delivery of a new evolution in loyalty technology, to address the new era of consumer demand. We empower our clients to be leaders in their fields by creating profitable, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering in-the-moment customer experiences that are truly personal, going way beyond traditional loyalty marketing techniques.

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