Loyalty Program Delivery

Software and services for the new era of loyalty

Say goodbye to run-of-the-mill loyalty programs.

Too many loyalty programs are one-dimensional — simple “points for spend” approaches that don’t engage or excite members. They treat all members equally, and fail to deliver on the promise of incremental business value and a positive ROI.

Looking for loyalty software that drives true, emotional connections?

We’ve got you covered. Our Horizon platform is built for the next generation of loyalty. Unlike legacy software, that’s clunky and slow to innovate, Horizon is flexible, less fragmented, and packed with the tools you need to run cutting-edge loyalty programs.

Built for the new era of loyalty…


All-in-One Platform

With content management, CRM  and loyalty program management in one platform, Horizon is the simple, seamless way to create customer experiences that drive loyalty.


SaaS Delivery Model

Horizon is an off-the-shelf solution — rather than a one-off, custom build — so you can access new product features and innovation, without needing costly platform changes.


Loyalty Beyond Transactions

Horizon’s “Custom Loyalty Behaviours” make it remarkably simple to incentivize all kinds of loyal behaviour — from engaging with brand content to sharing on social.


Deep Customer Understanding

Horizon’s unique, at-a-glance insight into your customer relationships helps you target activities and rewards at the right customers, for a truly personalized experience.


Consistent, Tailored Experiences

Horizon delivers consistent, personalized experiences across platforms. We can easily integrate with your existing website or app, or build something bespoke to your specifications.


Continuous Innovation

Our innovative team of developers are always innovating, ensuring that Horizon keeps up with changing consumer preferences, technology trends and the needs of our clients.

Plus, all the essentials…


Points mechanics


Card-based programs


Membership tiers


POS integration


Multiple currency support


Real-time triggered messages


Offers and promotions management


Multi-channel messaging


Badges and gamification

B2C Loyalty

Break away from the old world of loyalty schemes, with an engagement-based program that builds lasting relationships.

B2B Loyalty

Set your company apart with a loyalty program designed for the needs and challenges of business customers.

CPG Loyalty

Build a direct relationship with your customer base, to grow lasting loyalty to your brand (not your reseller). 

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