Loyalty Program Replatforming

Everything you need to jump-start your existing program

Get your underperforming loyalty program back on its feet.

Your loyalty program is ticking along, but you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that it’s not really delivering much business value.

If you need to innovate and evolve your existing loyalty program, but feel trapped by IT development costs or lack of platform capabilities, we can help. From our consultancy services through to platform implementation, we can help you minimize the risks — and maximize the rewards — of a loyalty platform transition.

Feeling stuck with your current platform?

If you’ve been running your loyalty program for a few years, you might be struggling with:


Low Internal Resource

High internal costs for maintaining and developing a “home-grown” loyalty platform


Expensive Upgrades

High vendor costs for extending or upgrading a licensed loyalty product (often due to “bespoke” features added over time)


Out-of-Date Tools

Difficulty innovating or evolving the program (e.g. adding new channels or business rules)


Lack of Clear ROI

Inability to get a good feeling for whether the program is “actually working”


Clunky Systems

A complex or “fragile” platform, that’s difficult for your team to learn and manage


Declining Participation

Slowing member engagement with the program — often resulting in high points liability

Sound familiar? We can help.


Built for the new era of loyalty, the Horizon platform is flexible, powerful and easy to integrate.


Plot a new course with expert guidance, and gather real-world insights with a short-term pilot or proof of concept.

Managed Service

Let our experts take responsibility for the end-to-end project, taking the pressure off your team.

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