IPSWICH, UK – 07 Oct 2020 — CX & loyalty software vendor HTK has announced a new way for their clients to synchronise data across systems and create seamless customer experiences with ease, thanks to an integration with Blendr.io.

Blendr.io is an Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), enabling fast, simple data sharing between cloud tools, including marketing, sales and event management platforms. By connecting Blendr.io to the Horizon CX & Loyalty Cloud, HTK’s clients will be able to integrate their Horizon account with over 300 cloud applications across CRM, ecommerce, marketing automation, databases and more.

The Horizon platform is designed to help brands drive customer loyalty through personalised, seamless customer experiences – and central to this is data. Horizon acts as a “brain” behind the scenes, processing, analysing and acting on customer data in real-time, across multiple channels. This means that tight integration between Horizon and a business’ other systems and touchpoints is essential.

Previously, an integration would require close collaboration between HTK’s development team, the client’s IT team, and often the client’s other suppliers. With the Blendr.io connector, HTK gives their end-users – marketing, loyalty and customer service teams – much more flexibility and agility in the way they design, test and innovate their loyalty and CX initiatives.

Now, Horizon users will be able to connect many of their marketing platforms and other business tools to their Horizon account in just a few minutes, with no technical knowledge needed. That makes it much easier for marketers to implement new use cases, roll-out CX initiatives to additional channels and maintain control over their data.

Pete Thompson, Chief Product Officer at HTK, said: “We want to empower marketers to get more value from their data, with less time spent waiting on their IT or business analytics teams to connect up the right platforms or run queries.

“As customer expectations rise, real-time data is essential. With our Blendr.io connector, we’re giving marketers the ability to quickly connect their siloed systems to Horizon, so they can build richer multichannel experiences with minimal technical support.”

Find out more about HTK’s Blendr.io connector here.


About HTK

Founded in 1996, HTK provides cloud software that helps businesses increase customer value through two-way engagement, insight-driven promotions and personalized loyalty. HTK’s Horizon Loyalty & CX Cloud has rich customer insight baked in, making it easy to deliver individualized experiences on any channel — no data scientists needed. HTK works with clients across retail, telco, hospitality and the public sector.