Promotional Campaigns

Engaging web micro-sites that bring ideas to life, Horizon is the ideal platform for promotional sales campaigns.

Offering digital features and capability that would normally be found in much more expensive solutions, we transform one-time promotions into the first-step towards loyalty.

Horizon is the power behind award-winning campaigns — brilliant experiences, delivered in days not months

1. Mobile responsive and feature-rich

2. Bring a personal touch to the experience

3. Designed to match your commercial strategy

1. Mobile responsive and feature-rich

Think of HTK as an extension to your digital business — working hand-in-hand with your creative, marketing and operational teams. Horizon is the ‘engine room’ of your campaigns, adding maximum value to the customer experience and your ROI.

Bring your ideas to life

Horizon microsites are delivered using WordPress, with pre-engineered plug-ins and custom components to ensure rapid delivery and no compromise to creativity. Our strong credentials for information security management mean that your data is in safe hands.

  • You provide the creative assets, we handle the site build
  • Standard campaign turnaround time of just 5 days
  • Highly configurable data-capture forms
  • Fully mobile responsive

2. Bring a personal touch to the experience

From a simple email address, we can build a profile from over 200 social media sources — giving insight into your customers’ demographics, interests and more. Use this data to personalize individual web and email experiences.

Recognize and reward

Whether you want to offer the same incentive to everyone, or implement tiered rewards based on engagement and purchases made over the campaign period, Horizon has it covered. Flexible rules mean that we can target the promotion with precision.

  • Validate purchases by on-pack code or receipt upload
  • Go from a customer email address to a complete social profile
  • One-time redemption, or award points for purchases
  • A tactical stepping-stone towards a full loyalty program

3. Designed to match your commercial strategy

Need to achieve maximum product awareness and sales, while controlling the volume of redemptions in line with an overall campaign budget? Horizon can help, through a measured approach to email re-engagement and social promotion.

Engage and incentivize

The flexibility of Horizon means that no two campaigns need to be the same.

Want to encourage repeat purchases? Horizon’s tiered rewards option makes it simple. Want to drive social advocacy? Horizon has social loyalty features baked in. Need to adapt your offers based on redemptions to date? Horizon has it covered.

  • Options for email re-engagement and social sharing
  • Optionally reward customers for their social advocacy
  • Offers and incentives can be time and volume-limited
  • Redemption by voucher-code and other options

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