Platform Architecture

Robust, scalable & secure software for better customer experiences — every time

Customer expectations are changing — is your technology stack ready for the challenge?

To win the hearts (and wallets) of modern customers, businesses must offer personalized, consistent experiences across channels. But if your marketing and service teams are held back by legacy software, it’s hard to deliver.

Built on leading technologies, with security and flexibility at its core, Horizon is a platform for true innovation. Its modular design, scalable infrastructure, and ability to integrate make Horizon the smart choice for building more profitable customer relationships.

Built for engagement at scale

Horizon employs a service-oriented architecture in which separate components, each with specific responsibility, collaborate to deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time across multiple channels. Built on highly scalable storage and processing technologies and centred around a high-performance distributed streaming platform, Horizon’s architecture enables efficient parallel distribution of events to a range of decoupled consumers, from transaction processing to data enrichment.


High-volume stream-based data processing via Apache Kafka & Storm


Hosted across multiple AWS regions and availability zones


AWS Load Balancer & Auto-Scaling expand clusters on-demand


AWS CloudFront provides edge-caching to support high load peaks


Self-documenting public APIs based on open source technology


Portal API & white-label website  components offer flexible ways to implement a loyalty portal


Combination of SQL and no-SQL data stores (SQL Server, MongoDB, Redshift, S3)


Uses clustering & machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics


Fully integrated with Pentaho for ‘drag & drop’ business intelligence

More insight for marketing, fewer headaches for IT

Horizon supports a dynamic and configurable schema for member data, as well as rich and flexible querying. That means marketing and service teams can access all the customer data they need, and behind-the-scenes, your IT team can set up Horizon to suit your needs.

But data needs to come from somewhere — which is why Horizon is built to integrate smoothly with any source. Horizon offers a fully featured, drag-and-drop import wizard, as well as APIs and custom integrations, if needed.

  • Enables GDPR-compliant data management, audit trails and access control
  • Integrates through REST APIs, DropBox, AWS S3, SFTP and system integrations
  • Ability to act on arbitrary events from any system or customer touchpoint, and feed them through to Horizon’s unique ELVIS metrics

    Fast, flexible — and secure

    Horizon’s modular architecture means it can slot into your existing tech stack without duplicating capabilities or adding extra bloat. All modules are part of the same core platform, so they work together seamlessly through the same UI, and benefit from regular updates and innovation.

    And all Horizon components are designed with security in mind. Robust procedures and audits ensure our infrastructure is always secure — giving you peace of mind about your customer data. 

    • Regularly updated based on an innovative, agile roadmap
    • Comprehensive API documentation and sample code available
    • Supports secure authentication and single sign on using OAuth 2 & SAML
    • Development governed by HTK’s ISO 27001 certified Quality Management System

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