Platform Architecture

Horizon is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that lets you build advanced, personalized loyalty marketing programs.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground-up to help businesses engage customers in real-time, with unbeatable speed of implementation, ease of use and return on investment.

Horizon Loyalty Hub

Horizon is a modular yet fully integrated solution for enterprise loyalty — a platform for true customer innovation

1. Designed for real-time engagement

2. Supremely powerful, yet simple to use

3. Continually evolving and built for developers

1. Designed for real-time engagement

The world is moving away from campaigns to highly contextual ‘in the moment’ engagement. At it’s core, Horizon is an event-based system capable of delivering real-time customer experiences at scale, for the largest enterprise loyalty applications.

Parallel scalability, with performance on-demand

Hosted at AWS, Horizon employs highly scalable storage and processing technologies. An event bus using Apache Kafka and Storm enables efficient parallel distribution of events to a range of decoupled consumers, each with specific responsibility — for data enrichment and correlation, notification and messaging, awarding loyalty points, and business intelligence.

  • Built on proven and scalable event technologies (Apache Kafka and Storm)
  • Hosted across multiple AWS geographic regions and availability zones
  • AWS Auto-Scaling is used to expand clusters on-demand
  • AWS CloudFront provides edge-caching to support high load peaks
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer with Apache Zookeeper for synchronization
  • Uses ESPER for complex event correlation

Unlimited support for channels and touchpoints

At the heart of Horizon is a customer preference center, controlling opt-in permissions and preferences to receive communications and content. Channel adapters (for email, SMS, social, in-app, push notifications and more) work seamlessly with event-based data analysis and real-time triggers that can act on arbitrary events from any customer system or touchpoint.

  • Ability to act on arbitrary events from any system or customer touchpoint
  • Analyze and correlate, trigger outbound messages, and award loyalty points
  • Brings marketing, sales and service interactions together — in near real-time
  • Unique channel-independent approach to loyalty campaign management
  • Personalized tracking of email, SMS, in-app and social engagement

2. Supremely powerful, yet simple to use

To reach customers with the right message at the right time, actionable insight is essential. Horizon enables the ease of insight and speed to action you need to deliver optimal engagement, loyalty and customer lifetime value.

A modular architecture, still fully integrated

Horizon combines highly flexible CRM with full-featured tools for marketing automation, and a powerful loyalty engine to orchestrate the most sophisticated loyalty programs — without the headache of multiple systems integration. From ASOS A-List to Virgin Red or M&S Spark, there’s no loyalty program that can’t be imagined and more quickly delivered on Horizon. Learn more about integrating with Horizon →

  • Combines CRM, marketing automation and loyalty mechanics
  • All capabilities are fully integrated, accessible through a single UI
  • Reward customers for spend, advocacy, referral, tenure and more
  • Supports Authentication and Authorization using OAuth 2 & SAML
  • Integrates through REST APIs, DropBox and system integrations

Designed to make the complex simple

Horizon has been engineered to simplify the process of real-time data management, to build and maintain an evolving model of customer relationships that spans rational factors (spend and engagement) with emotional metrics such as sentiment and loyalty. The unique ELVIS framework can be used to share real-time, at-a-glance insight right across the enterprise.

  • Unique ‘ELVIS Insight’ 4-star framework, to make sense of ‘big data’ at-a-glance
  • Automatic persona and lifecycle stage allocation, e.g. new, active, lapsed
  • All customer segments are automatically maintained in near real-time
  • Full-featured marketing automation, without the complexity
  • Easy to configure ‘next-best offer’ engine

3. Continually evolving and built for developers

Horizon is developed in two-week sprints, typically on a monthly release cycle, based on an active and collaborative roadmap. It’s designed for easy, seamless integration and content management across platforms.

Comprehensive API, mobile SDK and developer support

While we see the Horizon user interface as key, developers haven’t been forgotten — in fact everything that can be achieved through the glossy UI can equally be accomplished via the extensive REST API — from customer and content management, to segmentation, communication, gamification and loyalty scheme mechanics. Learn more about integrating with Horizon →

  • Everything you can do through the UI, you can do via the API too
  • SDK and code-samples for web and mobile application integration
  • Custom WordPress theme, for rapid and secure loyalty portal creation
  • Or, build your own loyalty portal and mobile apps  powered by Horizon

Powerful business intelligence and predictive analytics

Business intelligence is delivered through a lambda architecture, where ‘batch’ and ‘streamed’ event data is combined (the stream being fed by a Kafka & Storm event bus). Underpinned by a traditional OLAP structure in SQL Server, a data pipeline maintains results in MongoDB and AWS Redshift, with Pentaho providing a wide range of standard reports and ad-hoc analysis.

  • Batch and stream-based data processing via Apache Kafka & Storm
  • Combination of SQL and no-SQL data stores (MongoDB, Redshift, S3, Glacier)
  • Uses BigML for cluster analysis and predictive analytics
  • Fully integrated with Pentaho for ‘drag and drop’ business intelligence
  • ELVIS Insight shows important (rational and emotional) customer trends over time

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