Loyalty for Enterprise

Loyalty isn’t just about rewards — it’s about the overall experience of doing business with you. Horizon cuts through the complexity of data, content and strategy management, to truly put customer loyalty at the heart of your enterprise.

Horizon addresses three big challenges, which is why we believe it’s the #1 choice for enterprise loyalty

1. Take the complexity out of big-data analysis

2. Deliver personalized experiences with ease

3. Confidently optimize, measure and improve

1. Take the complexity out of big-data analysis

Your business is data-rich — but are you able to use that data to get a clear picture of who your customers are? How can you bring the goldmine of information that’s buried in your customer interactions to the surface quickly?

All your relevant data in one place

With multiple options for easy integration with your sales and marketing systems, mobile applications and contact center, Horizon enables a comprehensive, ever-changing and evolving profile for each customer, to underpin the deep insight you need. Learn more about our integrations →

  • CRM and purchase data
  • Social demographics
  • Real-time behavioural data
  • Data from connected devices (IoT)

Complex analysis — done for you

Horizon is working in the background, 24 / 7, to ingest and analyse your data. This means that your customer profiles and segments are always kept up-to-date, automatically and in real-time, enabling ‘in the moment’ decisions for communication and content. Learn more about the Horizon platform architecture →

  • Real-time event processing
  • Intuitive business rules engine
  • Persona and life-cycle stage attribution
  • ELVIS insight – unique to Horizon

Deeper insight at a glance

ELVIS is a simple but powerful framework that can attribute any customer behaviour to a range of rational and emotional metrics, using a simple star-based rating system so that you can instantly see the health of every customer relationship, and adapt when things change.

“ELVIS is going to be disruptive — it could be a real game-changer…”

— Tim Drye | Customer Engagement Committee member, Direct Marketing Association

2. Deliver personalized experiences with ease

With the breadth of devices, channels and touchpoints we have today, devising and executing a loyalty marketing strategy that delivers compelling ‘in the moment’ experiences is challenging. Horizon was designed to make it simple.

Make insight-driven decisions — faster

With the complexity taken out of real-time data analysis (through the power of ELVIS insight, background segmentation, and ‘always on’ persona and lifecycle stage attribution), decisions about the right communications and the best content become simplified, and even fully automated.

  • At-a-glance insight, to make better and faster decisions
  • Real-time triggers for event-based communication
  • Use location, proximity and other contextual information
  • Automatic “next-best content” engine to choose the right messages and offers

Deliver engaging experiences across channels

Horizon breaks the mould of traditional loyalty solutions, by integrating feature-rich marketing automation tools with point-earning, redemption and gamification, to deliver highly engaging experiences across all channels and devices, focused on the pursuit of lifetime customer value.

  • Omnichannel campaign engine and content editor
  • Personalized loyalty portal and mobile apps
  • Fully integrated with social media
  • 100% results-oriented

3. Confidently measure, optimize and improve

Real-time insight into what’s working best, with the flexibility to adapt as needed. Horizon gives you the tools to accurately measure, optimize and improve your loyalty program and marketing campaigns at the pace of the digital world.

Measure the metrics that matter to your business

Not only is ELVIS a framework for big-data analysis, it also tracks trends over time — meaning your finger is always on the pulse of your customer relationships. See instantly how your key segments are growing, and use the built-in business analytics to drill into the details.

  • Get real-time campaign feedback, so you can react faster
  • Over 20 packaged loyalty reports, sent daily to your inbox
  • Drag-and-drop your own custom reports and dashboards

A platform for innovation and continuous improvement

Horizon doesn’t stand still. Not only will you enjoy a regular stream of new features to enhance your loyalty program, your IT team will be able to easily build those capabilities — including the power of ELVIS insight — into your wider systems and business transformation objectives.

  • Use a testing environment to innovate new ideas and techniques
  • Make simple in-flight changes in minutes, not weeks
  • Share ELVIS insight right across your enterprise

Horizon is built to integrate — to put customer loyalty right at the heart of your business. Learn more about our integrations →

Your valuable data — in safe hands

We take information security very seriously, and build it in to everything we do. For over 15 years, we’ve worked closely with UK Government departments and police forces, as well as private sector clients, to ensure that their data is handled securely.

We have designed and implemented our platform, processes, policies and procedures in line with the requirements and recommendations of ISO27001, along with other industry standards. Information security is a paramount consideration across our entire business.

  • ISO27001:2013 certified (since 2010)
  • All staff Security-Cleared (SC)
  • Full staff training and awareness program
  • Secure software development and operational infrastructure training
  • CLAS consultant software & infrastructure design review
  • Regular technical penetration testing

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