Loyalty for Brands

Go beyond short-term promotional campaigns, to create long-term loyalty that drives a sustainable uplift to revenue and profit. Horizon works right out of the box to help you understand, engage and retain customers, without the need for EPOS integration.

The most efficient way to acquire new customers and drive repeat sales, Horizon is your blueprint for success

1. Build a database, with brand-optimized CRM

2. Deepen relationships, to build lifetime value

3. Drive acquisition through social advocacy

1. Build a database, with brand-optimized CRM

The first step in retaining your valuable customers is understanding who they are — not just their name, but the context of their relationship with your brand. What they buy, why they buy, and what keeps them coming back. Horizon delivers that insight.

Engage your audience across mobile channels

The Horizon Loyalty Hub works hand-in-hand with your existing digital assets, both online and in-store — from point of sale displays and augmented reality, to your website, clienteling apps and proximity beacons — to capture first engagement and power ongoing conversations.

  • Branded, mobile-responsive loyalty portal and mobile apps
  • Engage through QR codes, NFC, WiFi and proximity beacons
  • Build a comprehensive CRM database, optimised for your business

Profile beyond spend and demographics

You want to know who your biggest fans are, who you’ve lost and need to win back, and when and how to engage in a way that will drive sales, referral and customer lifetime value. Horizon works in the background 24 / 7, so you’ll always have the right insight at your fingertips.

  • Progressive profiling of customer behaviour, interests and preferences
  • Track purchases through on-pack codes and receipt processing
  • Automatic persona modelling and lifecycle stage allocation
  • ELVIS insight (go beyond RFV) — unique to Horizon

2. Deepen relationships, to build lifetime value

A sales promotion may be a ‘quick fix’ for customer acquisition, but turning those one-time customers into loyal brand ambassadors takes time, skill and precision — by creating one-to-one relationships that counter price-led brand promiscuity.

Nurture, grow, retain and win-back customers

Horizon comes with pre-built data models, optimized for a wide range of industry sectors from apparel through to cosmetics, food and electronic goods. Whether you’re welcoming new customers or winning back those at risk of churn, Horizon makes it simple — even automatic.

  • Scheduled email, SMS and in-app comms throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Automatically triggered messages, for ‘in the moment’ retail experiences
  • Sentiment analysis, to quickly act on service issues and win-back trust

Recognize, incentivize and reward brand affinity

Customers want to feel pleased, valued and cared for, and Horizon helps you meet this expectation with every customer, every day. From ‘surprise and delight’ campaigns to carefully targeted offers, promotions and rewards — every customer will feel special.

  • Recognize customer birthdays, anniversaries and other ‘moments of truth’
  • Personalized offers and rewards, with predictive next-best targeting
  • VIP program, to build a fanbase and retain valuable customers

3. Drive acquisition through social advocacy

Rather than increase spend on advertising, successful brands are focusing their attention on the powers of personal referral — quite simply, it’s cheaper and far more effective. Horizon taps into the power of social communities, like no other platform.

Harness the power of social communities

With the right insight, powered by ELVIS, you can find out what kinds of content are engaging your target audience, and who the influencers are within that social community. Horizon goes further, by tracking and rewarding social referrals — amplifying sales via social channels.

  • Member sign-up through Facebook, and social data enrichment
  • Award points when friends like or share content, or make a first purchase
  • Use social Klout score, to target and incentivize sharing for maximum reach

Measure performance and amplify success

Horizon is much more than a blank canvas — it’s carefully packaged and highly optimized, right out of the box, with options for customization to ensure a 100% fit. Our job is to maximize your results, by ensuring that Horizon continues to be the most effective, most complete and easiest to use loyalty marketing platform available.

  • Horizon is a complete brand loyalty solution
  • A comprehensive set of reports, sent daily to your inbox
  • Your success is our mission — we’ll be working for you every day

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