Built to integrate

The Horizon Loyalty Hub is built to work in harmony with your existing systems and technology.

Horizon supports packaged integrations and flexible two-way data integration, from simple Import/Export to flexible APIs — making it quick and easy to bring pull all your data into a single customer view.

4 fast ways to bring your data together

Horizon can bring data in (or push it back out) to any system, so you’re not limited to our list of packaged integrations. We offer four options for importing your data into Horizon:

api-cloud-70The Horizon APIs enable real-time integration between your internal systems, cloud services and Horizon. They’re built to scale, having handled over a billion transactions.

mobile-sdk-70Our Mobile SDK enables easy integration between your app and Horizon. Track in-app activity and push timely, relevant offers, including rich message content and in-app messages.

dropbox-70Via cloud file sharing, Horizon integrates with any system that can output a CSV file — enabling fast and secure cloud-based integration with minimal set-up and no development required.

import-arrows-70The Import Wizard enables .CSV or .XLS files to be uploaded quickly and simply. You can also export any data or insight from Horizon into your other marketing or CRM systems.

Under the hood…

Horizon is deployed across over 150 servers and six data centres, using leading scalable cloud platforms and services.

  • Over 100TB of data storage
  • Complex event handling, streaming data to a set of specialist agents in real time
  • Secure partitioned architecture
  • Secure data management practices
  • Experienced Onboarding and Integration team

Packaged integrations

Horizon comes complete with packaged integrations to 3rd party platforms including CRM, web analytics software, ecommerce, mobile apps, social media, Management Information Systems, bookings engines, and more.

We also offer Single Sign-On with SAML, and Federated Identity Management. This enables us to embed your loyalty portal into an existing web portal, allowing your customers to access their loyalty account without having to sign in again. It also means your team can log-in to the Horizon UI with the same credentials used by your internal access control system — essential for companies with formal security policies.

Your valuable data — in safe hands

We take information security very seriously, and build it in to everything we do. For over 15 years, we’ve worked closely with UK Government departments and police forces, as well as private sector clients, to ensure that their data is handled securely.

We have designed and implemented our platform, processes, policies and procedures in line with the requirements and recommendations of ISO27001, along with other industry standards. Information security is a paramount consideration across our entire business.

  • ISO27001:2013 certified (since 2010)
  • All staff Security-Cleared (SC)
  • Full staff training and awareness programme
  • Secure software development and operational infrastructure training
  • CLAS consultant software & infrastructure design review
  • Regular technical penetration testing

Horizon APIs, documentation and downloads

We offer two APIs for integrating with Horizon:

Integration and messaging API

  • Create, maintain, and read customer data
  • Feed in all customer activity and events to drive segmentation and triggered actions
  • Communicate with customers using email, push, in-app message, SMS, and voice automation

Download the Integration API Documentation →

Loyalty Portal API

  • Provide a comprehensive loyalty capability for an online Customer Portal
  • Create and manage members, with full life-cycle management
  • Retrieve and redeem personalised, context-sensitive offers and rewards

Download the Loyalty Portal API Documentation →