Horizon Loyalty Hub

Advanced software for profitable customer relationships

Looking for a smarter approach to loyalty & engagement?

Horizon has the deep insight and innovative tools you need to grow sales, loyalty and advocacy — all packaged up in a flexible, easy-to-use SaaS platform.

Whether you’re running a points-based loyalty scheme, a customer engagement program or something in between, Horizon can help you manage your data more effectively, to better understand your customers and deliver the experiences that keep them coming back.

How Horizon Works

Maximise the value of your data

Defeat data silos once and for all. Horizon brings all your relevant customer data into a secure, customizable database for an always up-to-date view of every contact. 

Identify key behaviors & insights

Spot valuable customers at-risk of churn, influencers who make prime targets for an advocacy campaign, or the best targets for that new product launch.

Curate great customer experiences

Create personalized experiences — not for a segment, but for every customer. Horizon uses real-time insight to keep every engagement relevant.

Boost loyalty, advocacy and sales

Deliver the best offers, incentives and rewards for each customer — at the right time, on the right channel. It’s memorable, shareable engagement at scale. 

Make your data work harder

You can do more with data when you’re not wasting time trying to extract what you need from different systems. Horizon brings your disparate data together to build comprehensive customer profiles, continually enriched with every interaction. 

  • Bring data in (and out) with APIs & Integrations
  • Build custom profiles with configurable data fields
  • Keep it all up-to-date with real-time event processing

Uncover deeper insight

You’ve got data and plenty of ideas. But how do you know what projects to run with or who to target first? With Horizon’s real-time insight and AI-powered analytics, you can make smarter decisions about where to focus your efforts.

  • Monitor customer relationships at a glance with ELVIS Insight
  • Identify key segments with AI-powered data exploration
  • Track relevant customer behavior in real-time

Apply insight across channels

True loyalty comes when customers feel known and valued — no matter where they choose to interact. Horizon uses the same data, insight and decision-making criteria to deliver consistently personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

  • Automatically trigger the right offers on any channel with a powerful, AI-backed recommendation engine
  • Run end-to-end loyalty programs, deliver personalized offers, and incentivize key customer behaviors

Everything you need for engaging, cross-channel experiences


Integrations & APIs


Custom profile fields


Data import & export


Real-time event processing


Unique ELVIS Insight


Advanced segmentation


AI-powered data exploration


Marketing automation suite


Recommendation engine


Loyalty mechanics (points, tiers, etc.)


Non-transactional point earning activities


Badges & gamification

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For better customer experiences — with or without the points

Horizon for Customer Engagement

With data, insight and execution tools in one place, you can create a customer engagement program that’s truly personalized — at every point in the customer’s journey.

Horizon for Loyalty Programs

Horizon is fully equipped to deliver end-to-end loyalty programs, with transaction- and engagement-based activities, points mechanisms and more.

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